Wildlife And Portrait Color Mixing Formulas

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Hi Darrell,

When I saw your announcement of Santa and the Santa Dog/Cat I immediately ordered. But I have a big, big question. What are the formulas you use for mixing up all of the colors in Santa’s portrait and do you use the same colors for the Dog/Cat? I just need to know what colors to go out and purchase. Brenda Lee, Peoria, IL

Hi Brenda and thanks for the question.

First, there are seven basic colors I use in painting Santa, or any other wildlife or human portrait. With these colors, its a matter of mixing one particular color and using it to make the rest.

Darrell’s Portrait Color Mixing Guide

Burnt Umber
Paynes Gray
Rose Color: 1 part Burnt Sienna, 6 parts Orange
Dark Flesh Color: 1 Part Rose Color, 2 parts Raw Sienna
Light Flesh Color: 1 Part Dark Flesh Color, 2 parts Titanium White
Skin Highlight: 1 part Titanium White, Touch of Light Flesh Color
Shadow Color: 4 parts Deep Flesh Color, 1 part Violet Color

For painting wildlife fur I also add

1. Raw Umber

2. Raw Sienna