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I know that you gave the list of brushes on the acrylic set, but i could not get it. Could you please give me the entire list of brushes and the makers? Also where can you buy the paint and mediums that you used? I have some Fliud retarder by winsor & newton, and some flow aid and gesso by liquitex. Can they be used?

I used all Martin F. Weber Products. They have their products in 198 countries worldwide, which is one big reason I use their brushes and paints. The other reason is I like them and they’re economically priced. I used the Prima Brand whenever I could which is a great brand.

The list of brushes are as follows:

1″ Blue Topaz Angular Shader
#3 Blue Topaz Bristle Fan Brush
#3 Blue Topaz Bristle Fan Brush
1/2″ Prima Flat Bristle Brush
1″ Prima Flat Bristle Brush (Optional)
#12 Prima Filbert Bristle
1″ Hake Brush
Museum Emerald #16 Flat (Optional)
Museum Emerald #12 Flat(Optional)
Museum Emerald #6 Flat
Museum Emerald #1 Round
Museum Emerald 1/4″ Angular Shader
#2 Script Liner
1″ Black Handle Oval Brush (Optional)

The list of Acrylic Paints Are As Follows:

  • Prima Hookers Green Deep
  • Prima Alizarin Crimson
  • Prima Burnt Umber
  • Prima Burnt Sienna
  • Prima Ivory Black
  • Prima Paynes Gray
  • Prima Primary Blue
  • Prima Pthalo Blue
  • Prima Ultramarine Blue (Optional)
  • Prima Dioxin Purple
  • Prima Pthalo Green (Optional)
  • Prima Cad Red
  • Prima Red Light (Orange to me)
  • Prima Yellow
  • Prima Yellow Ochre
  • Prima Titantium White
  • Prima Raw Umber (Optional)
  • Prima Raw Sienna (Optional)

Mediums Used

  • Prima Acrylic Flow Medium
  • Prima Retarder Gel
  • Prima White Gesso
  • Prima Black Gesso

Miscellaneous Products

  • Thinner Screen
  • Bucket for water
  • 12″ Silverware storage tray as a brush holder
  • Stay-wet 12″x16″ pallette
  • 12″x16″ palette paper
  • Soft, absorbant paper towels
  • A Soft Cloth about hand-towel size
  • fine mist spray bottle.

This should help you a lot.