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A beautiful tip from Joyce. Thank you very much. She reports, “By the way, I am going to teach with the water soluable oils not the regular oils. I think that will be an easy transition from acrylics and they can still use the nylon brushes including OS.”

Joyce reports that she has been testing the brushes with the water soluable oils and the glass ceramic OS brushes work great with those paints. ….In addition, she reports that the paintings dry faster-couple weeks to a month -completely and no allergies.

So Joyce has discovered that one can use the same brushes for water-mixable oils as acrylics. And I had already discovered one could use the same oil painting brushes with water mixable oils. Furthermore to clean the brushes they requore no specific care. Just clean with baby oil or odorless turp.

The water-mixable oil is nice. And I’m finding that I’m doing more and more personal paintings with this medium.