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In the October release of Midnight Surf, Point Serene, and Day is Done, I mentioned that the lower ledge of my easel that holds the canvas frequently doesn’t dry due to the fact I paint every day ….

Sue Gait of Canada sent in this suggestion.

When I started to watch one of your DVD (I am still trying to get it to work) You said your easel on the ledge get wet and stay wet and sometimes you get that paint on your new painting.
Here is a tip: Use PRESS and SEAL, (in the grocery store where you buy the wraps for sandwiches.) Put that on the ledge and when you are done painting, peal it off.
The PRESS and SEAL will stick to the ledge for you when you first get ready to paint. Remove the seal when you’re finished painting. The ledge will always stay dry and you will not have to worry about any odd colors getting onto your canvas.
You sure are looking great in all your new pics. Good for you