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Have you opened a new tub of Liquid White(TM) only to find it’s thick. I mean very thick. The best thing you can do is to add clean odorless thinner to the Liquid White, shake thoroughly and test it. The Liquid White should be thick enough that if you were to put your small fan brush handle into the mixture and pull straight out, you’d find one or two drops dripping from the handle. If nothing drops, add more thinner. If more than two drops coming streaming off the handle, add more Liquid white. I’ll buy small 2″ wide or larger Mason Jars to put excess Liquid White. Constantly test as your thinner will eventually evaporate.

The primary test for the liquidity of Liquid white is to put your #3 fan brush handle into the middle of the can of liquid white, pull it out and if three drops fall back into the can it is sufficiently wet. If you receive constant dripping or a stream, than the liquid white is to wet. What you will fine, most often is that the liquid white will simply cling to the handle with no drop. Especially if this is a new can of liquid white. Add CLEAN odorless thinner (a couple of tablespoons) to your can, seal, and shake vigorously. Reopen can and test. Repeat this procedure until three drops of liquid white easily fall from your fan brush handle.
(Liquid White is copyrighted by Bob Ross Company)