Student Testimonials

I have a lot of students that instead of focusing on why they can’t paint, just set aside their fears for a few hours and followed instructions.  Low and behold, they found out they could paint.  That’s why I know you can paint.  I’ve seen it for over 30 years with hundreds of thousands of students. As you watch the video below, I’m sure you’ll conclude that if Debbie can paint, anybody can learn to paint.  Not every one has near her challenges to learn.


Wasn’t Debbie’s story fantastic!  I have to admit, I was shocked when she showed me her paintings.  That’s why I just had to share her story with you.  If Debbie can learn to paint (and she did), so can you!

Let me share another testimony a student recently sent to us.

Darrell, I enrolled in your on-line Paint Club (school) over a year ago but did not view the lessons that much until recently. When I did, I could not believe my good fortune. I have been painting for about 5 years using various artist’s DVDs and learned a lot but I could not duplicate what I was watching to my satisfaction. The reason for that is that the “teaching” part of the DVDs was so minimal that I couldn’t progress. What I appreciated so much in your techniques videos is that you not only teach but you show every detail that is needed to learn. Just the fact that you show your palette up close so I can learn all the ways to mix paint and most importantly, how to load the brushes. You not only teach all of it but you tell us why it matters. I just wanted you to know how much I love these lessons. I can’t find enough time in the day to view more. This is the very best investment I have ever made on my road to becoming a good painter. Thank you so much. By the way, I am 76 so that proves you are never too old to learn. , USA Carole D. I know the big question now is how much.  But just before we get to that, let me just say the price is so low, it will blow you away…… Just like these videos Students have sent me …. Arthur Cansdale

Emma Cansdale
Jerry Martin

My Students Tell My Story Better Than I Ever Can!

“My very first painting is so incredibly good that it is frame-able quality! I am astounded …”

Darrell. First, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart! My very first painting is so incredibly good that it is frame-able quality! I am astounded, and to say that I am pleased would be the biggest understatement of the years! I stare at this painting and in awe that it came from my very own hands.

I used to watch the Bob Ross TV show and think that I would do that when I am ‘old’ and a grandmother. By then I thought I would have time and money to devote to painting. Well, at the ‘old’ age of 52 with my first granddaughter, my long ago dream came true. My friends can’t believe that this is my very first oil painting. Once again, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with me via DVD instructions. I am more grateful than I can put into words.

Wyletta, Now an Artist!

“It’s Impossible Not To Learn…”

“I received my free video lessons, Water, and was more surprised than I expected to be. All the testimonials said the DVD was wonderful and easy to use. That can mean many things to different people, but very little to me. What the testimonials didn’t say was that you teach ‘one stroke’ at a time, with more explanation than stroke. This technique with the picture quality, the camera position and zoom not only make it possible to learn, but makes it impossible not to learn.”

Phyllis Scholts

“If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be painting today….all I ever wanted to do was to draw and paint.”

“Hi Darrell. I want to thank you very much for giving me this opportunity to pursue my lifelong dream. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be painting today. I was made to believe since I was very little that all the talent in the family (I come from a family of many artists) went to my aunt and her children and that I had none (despite the fact that since I can remember, all I ever wanted to do was to draw and paint).

It took many years of therapy and “YOU” to overcome this and at least try. You see, I wanted this so much that I was afraid to even try because if I did try and couldn’t do it, I would have proof that my mother was right after all, and I didn’t have any talent. So I just spent my whole life dreaming of art but not having the courage to try. I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude to you and I’m soooooo lucky to have found your studio. Million thanks……”

Francine O.



“I think I had more trouble getting the canvas prepared than painting. It was so much fun to do this….I am truly amazed at how easy you made this, and you were not even here in the room with me, yet were able to help me step by step to create this painting by supplying me with such simplified and easy to follow instruction and person to person support.

I was truly amazed when I answered my phone today and it was you ready to help. I do not think that even if I was in a room with an instructor, I would have had the same attention or support I received from you. Thank You.”

Sherry D., California, USA


Darrell, As I have told you before I paint with acrylics; I decided to watch your 5 lessons on painting flowers. I have watched other instructor’s free lessons and let me tell you. None of them have had the effect you have. The way you teach the painting of flowers is fantastic. You are a genius with a brush in your hand. I have to make some time to practice what you taught. I am 75 years old and did not pick up a color pencil until I was 62, five years after that I pick up a brush to paint acrylics. Although I paint, I always dreamt of finding a way to give my paintings that professional touch. Well Darrell I believe that if I practice what I have seen in your lessons, then I found that touch. Thank you so much. L.. Barrios, 2014

Darrell, I ordered your Basic Techniques of Painting and have been thoroughly enjoying learning from them. I have painted one picture every day for the past month, sometimes the same one again to improve it. I am really getting much better every day and just wanted you to know that I think it is wonderful that you are offering these instructions to help us “wannabe’s’

I retired in July and have wanted to learn to paint all my life, never having time or money to try it before. Needless to say that I am having the time of my life learning now. Thanks again, also, for the personal attention you have given via emails to help me with decisions and questions. Helen W.


I have just finished a 3 day workshop with Darrell here in Ireland and i so enjoyed the whole 3 days, day one and three i was able to implement all the things i had learned from Darrell’s DVDs and yes i did all the noises and the sayings ie” up in the air” ect. i was so impressed with the end results, but i have to say that day two was a real challenge to me as we did a wild life and i had never tried this before. and oh boy was i surprised i never though that a lion could be so easey to paint. thank you Darrell … You were just the same in person as you were on your dvd’s. a pleasure to meet you and an even bigger pleasure to have painted with you. kind regards.


Dear Darrell, I just wanted to thank you once again for the fantastic art course! You worked SO HARD putting it all together and I, for one, was very impressed. I continue to support you and mention you in multiple blogs and FB pages that I’m enrolled in… spreading your good grace as best I can. It was wonderful meeting you and spending time with you and like-minded people. When you’re ready to venture to Ireland again, let me know… it would be my pleasure to be your Irish Connection! With warm regards, Nancy B. Cork County.


Nothing Remotely Compares To The Quality Of Your Teaching!!!

I can oil paint. You were right again. What a wonderful teacher you are Darrell. There is nothing on the market down under that can be remotely compared to the quality of your most detailed and practical mode of teaching. Thank you Darrell.

Kindest Regards, J Wallace Australia


Hi Darrell, My name is Andy. I’m 52 years old; i live in a beautiful part of Scotland in Argylll. as i look out my window i can see mountains and the sea. As a youngster i dabbled with painting mostly water colours; it never amounted to much. As i have the luxury of such beautiful scenery from my window i have often thought how great it would be if i had the skill to oil paint them; i never thought for one minute that after watching your DVDs i could actually do it myself.

Well i am doing it! and quite well at that! following your style and technique i am turning out works of art [well my family thinks so i get a real kick out of it as well. Thanks,

I Just Need 48 Hours a Day To Take It All In!

Many thanks for the very quick supply of the basic oil painting discs which arrived safely in the UK Weds. There is so much useful information to gleam. I just need 48 hours in a day to take it all in! Thanks for putting me on the road to many happy hours painting.

Ann P in the UK