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I can’t get to my painting as I work night and sleep days. Instead I have begun to teach myself to paint with colored pencils as this I can do in my quiet times at work (the only time, right now, that I have to paint).

After reading the critique of the lady’s work on the two dogs, regarding the shading of the animals, I gathered a tremendous tidbit of information “ use cooler colours in shadows!”

I am still practicing using the colored pencils and realized this gem of information will do me in all my work, both pencils and acrylics. Thank you for the gems among the pebbles.

Thanks for mentioning this Ron. You’ve just demonstrated one of my basic principles I preach. When something doesn’t work, don’t give up. Keep experimenting until you find a solution. Master the solution and you’ll be amazed that the solution will be transferrable to all of your other works