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Dear Darrell,

I was wondering if you can use boiled linseed oil as a medium or will it sent your paintings yellow over time as my Mother-in- law uses it in her oil paintings which help it dry much quicker for layering purposes. Regards Robyn form Australia.


Hi Robyn, I would never encourage the pure use of linseed oil. What I would suggest is a mixture of 25% linseed oil and 75% Odorless thinner. The thinner will evaporate and and the linseed oil dries quickly provided you use quick drying linseed oil.

Another approach if speed of drying is your concern is from a paint manufacturer headquartered in Australia. The Chroma company offers a fine line of oil paints and mediums under the name, Archival Oils. Their medium, Archival Oil ‘Lean’ Painting Medium, is a very fast drying medium. I’ve been using this medium more and more, because of its fast drying properties.