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Hi, Darrell, and thank you for your last reply. I continue watching your videos and have tried with very little success. I know practice makes perfect. One problem I am having is when I try and paint say a large tree over a distant mountain that when I start overlapping the mountain my tree turns into mud. Is my paint perhaps to thick or am I trying to paint over too thick of paint? Would adding thinner to my tree mix solve this problem?
Thanks, Larry K

There are two things you can do Larry. And I’ll publish this on my newsletter because I know that a lot of people will have the same problem.

What is happening is you have so much wet paint that layering the dark tree foliage mix over the mountains’ dark and highlights (shadow lights) the lighter color is mixing with the darker to yield an unpleasant color.

· First, Take your knife and scrape off the mountain part you know that the tree will cover. This will keep the tree foliage mix darker and richer.

· Second. Add a drop or two of thinner or clear oil painting medium into the dark tree foliage mix. Just a drop. If you do too much medium or thinner, your paint is too wet to help you. So only use a drop or two.

· Third. Paint your tree in.

Everything should work well. You may have to repeat #3 a couple of times, but you’ll see a decent tree very quickly.