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Some suggestions for painting a crashing wave.

On the dump, do not bring your highlights all the way over to the bottom of the crash. Pretend your dump is going over a barrel. Just highlight enough to show the direction that the water is going. That way, there will be dark between the dump and the splash underneath.
When doing the splash and foam up and around the eye, do in 3 steps.

  • Block in the grey.
  • Highlight only top half of grey.
  • Blend border between grey and highlight.

    Optionally blend, very, very lightly the foam.

    Your foam pattern is important to show the curvature of the inside of the eye of the wave. Ensure the work is coming along very nicely.
    Make sure your beach is well laid out and always try to design the beach such that it is not going off the canvas on both sides. One is OK.

    Complement the sky color with the beach color.