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This tip just in from Bernice Lingenfelter:

I saw the question from one of your students about how to do the oval cutouts which is a problem I was also having. Oval canvases are so expensive I chose to just place an oval inside of the less expensive rectangular canvas. I have a tip that works for me. I buy the oval table mats that one uses at the table under their plates. I buy them in different size ovals. They work great. The only problem is finding them in the sizes you want but if you keep looking it can be done and they can be saved and don’t take up much room. I place the mats onto sheets of sticky back shelf lining paper and trace the outside oval onto my sticky shelf paper and cut out the interior of the oval. Works great for me.

Thank you again for everything. Bernice

PJ Franklin is such a joy to speak with and she sent the following suggestions which has compelled me to quickly send them to you.

Hi Darrell,

I get perfect ovals two ways and both are much cheaper than buying an oval canvas.

1] buy a oval plastic place mat, and trace around it on your contact paper.

2] buy an oval mat used for framing, they come in several different sizes.


PJ Franklin

Wilmington, NC