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Wanting to find out if and when you’ll be close to the Columbus, Ohio area. I purchased your DVDs and they’re worth much more than what I paid for them. You are truly a gifted artist. I’m 61 and found that oil painting is what I want to excel in. I’d really love to meet you and thank you personally for making me believe in myself that I can oil paint. Where can I get contact paper that won’t peel away from the canvass. Is there any place you could suggest to buy good contact paper? Ray

You sure got a lot into one of the shortest paragraphs I’ve read to date Ray……

If you are interested in hosting a workshop in Columbus, I would love to come see you all. I’ve been to Columbus a lot. Beautiful countryside. Call me at 508 966-2247 and I can let you know what’s involved. I even have a short document which has a lot of information in it for someone considering to be a host. In fact, if anyone is interested, contact me.

I use standard contact paper and mask tape the four corners onto the canvas. Some people will take the canvas outside and lightly spray white paint onto it. Then afix the contact paper. A little messy but it works. Others iron on the contact paper.


Watch the Video Below On Contact Paper