Not So Basic Christianity

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A Series Of Eight Study Guides For Discipleship




Why Did God Bother To Create Man?

What Does God Want From Me?

Does God Even Exist?

Why Do I Need To Be Saved And Saved From What?

Just What Is This “Salvation” God Offers?

How Am I Supposed To Live Now That I Am Saved?

What Happens Next?


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This book covers Who is God, His attributes and God’s plan for fellowship.
In reality eternity is existence without boundaries.
When God spoke, all that He planned eternally was created and mankind entered into “Time.”
Although condemned and judged from birth, God had already planned man’s salvation (rescue) to restore God’s plan for fellowship.


This book covers the Holy Spirit’s role and the steps God has planned for a new Christian to mature spiritually and participate in God’s plan for us to share His Good News everywhere. THIS BOOK WILL BE AVAILABLE SOON
A thorough examination of rapture details, and what we must do now to avoid being left behind.
The Kingdom of God, and the New Heavens and New Earth are examined in a systematic, easy-to-understand approach.
This book systematically covers all end times event including: the Tribulation, The Millennium, The Final Rebellion, the Judgement Seat of Christ, White Throne Judgement, Lake Of Fire, and the full restoration of Believers to eternal fellowship with God.