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Hi darrell– I recieved the dvd set I ordered from you! Thanks for all the information. I havea quick question. When I go to store my brushes, I do use baby oil prior to putting them away. When I go to use them in the future, do I need to clean them with paint thinner prior to use or can I just start painting again–PLease reply k–LOREN

Loren, As you know, I clean my brushes with baby oil, the same as you.

After a good day of painting, I do a final cleaning of the brushes with clean baby oil. I clean the brush thoroughly, bezting lzrge brushes dry and wiping smzall brushes dry with paper towels.

Then I set the brushes down for storage.

The next time I paint, the brushes are ready for me. No need to clean them in odorless turp ever.