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The is a library of over 350 on-line art instructional videos teaching you the fundamentals of oil painting, acrylics and water-mixable oils. And we’re constantly adding new instructional films. YES I WANT TO SIGN UP NOW FOR THE

Sign me up now for the On-Line Art School and I’ll pay the low, one time, lifetime fee of $197.00 now. After this I’ll have lifetime access to the art school What do you want to learn to paint today?

  • How to paint landscapes?
  • Seascapes?
  • Tall Ships?
  • Or how about Flowers?
  • Wildlife?
  • Or Pets?
  • Or ……. ?

We offer 15 different series of Basic Techniques … And…..over 100 complete painting projects so you can really practice what’s presented in the Basic Techniques series. The offers all of these courses as well as over 100 different painting projects of original paintings that Darrell Crow has designed for beginning and returning students. And all of these lessons are available to you for a low single price. Our pay once, watch videos forever is not only unique to the art learning industry, but very attractive to our students. A lifetime membership means you pay once and watch forever all of the videos I have or will ever produce. Right now, we have over 350 films on our video club site, With the introduction of our newest painting series, “Pets, that brings another 16 films into our library. These films have already been uploaded to the YouCanPaintClub and they even play on mobile platforms. I just finished re-watching the Ryzon on my iPad2 this morning. As a lifetime Art Club member, You will have access to the following art instructional videos. 12 DVD Set, Basic Techniques of Oil Painting. 12 DVD Set, Basic Techniques of Acrylic Painting 4 DVD Set, Basic Techniques of Water Mixable Painting Nearly 100 Oil Painting Projects (Mostly Oils and a few Acrylics) 12-DVD Set, Basic Techniques of Seascapes (Oils) 13-DVD Set, Basic Techniques of Flowers 18-DVD Set, Basic Techniques of Tall Ships 3-DVD Set, Basic Techniques of Painting People 8-DVD Set, Teaching Kids To Paint (Oils & Acrylics) 8-DVD Set, How to Paint From Photographs 8-DVD Set, Basic Techniques of Color Mixing Single DVD, Basic Techniques of Pop Art 14-DVD Set, Basic Techniques of Painting Wildlife The Colorado Series of which the first four videos have already been posted. Over 125 other films on painting reviews, tips, and how to correct the top mistakes beginning artists make. Were you to purchase our DVDs, this would cost you well over $3,695.00 But I want you to know, that even though you’ll always have access to these on-line videos, you will not be paying anywhere close to $3,695.00 We have decided to price a one-time, life-time membership fee to the for the remainder of 2015 at $197.00. That’s an amazing savings of less than 50 cents for each video. No shipping. No Handling Fees. Immediate Access. YES I WANT TO SIGN UP NOW FOR THE Sign me up for the lifetime membership in Darrell’s Beginning Art School for just $197.00.  After making this tuition payment I will have lifetime access to this schoolfor the rest of my life without paying another penny.

  Look at what you’ll receive… Everything we have, over 500 hours of the best art instructional videos on the web for #197.00 The benefits of membership are straight forward. Pay a single one time membership fee and you’re a lifetime member. No monthly fees No shipping Fees Immediate access to over 300, 2-hour-long art instructional videos that teach you how to paint. That’s every video we’ve ever done. Every video we’ll ever do…. Pay Once, learn forever ….. These instructional videos assume you know absolutely nothing These instructional videos assume you have never even held a paint brush before And these instructional videos assume you were not born with any talent You can watch any of our videos we ever made,whenever you want, as many times as you want, for the rest of your life. And you’ll be given immediate access to all additional videos we make in the future without you spending another penny. Pay once, watch forever. If you’re unfamiliar with our videos we have an overview video you can watch our demo below:

That’s nearly 50 cents a DVD Immediate Access. YES I WANT TO SIGN UP NOW FOR THE

Sign me up now for the On-Line Art School and I’ll pay the low, one time, lifetime fee of $197.00 now. After this I’ll have lifetime access to the art school Lifetime Beginning Art Student Video Instruction Membership……Learn All of the Basic Techniques …. As much as you want. Everything we’ve ever done. Everything we’ll ever do. Pay once, Watch forever. YES I WANT TO SIGN UP NOW FOR THE

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