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Darrell, I have a question. Is a Fan Brush & Fan Brush Blender one and the same.

I went to an art store looking for a – #3 and #6 Fan brush. But i saw only Fan brush Blender there? Also how to find out if the brushes are ok or not. The fan brushes i see have not smooth curved edges. So i did not want to buy a faulty one. Suresh R.
It all depends. Remember, manufacturers all try to outdo one another with new products and brand names. They are one and the same. A fan brush is a type of blender brush. Over the past 10-20 years they’ve gained in popularity and are used for painting as frequently as flats, brights and rounds. But the original purpose for the fan was as a blender. Now fan brushes are made out of many different materials, bristle, sable, badger, blends and synthetics. The stiffer the brush, the greater variety its uses. I use badger fans for some floral works and portrait work. I use sable fans only for portrait work. Bristle fan brushes are great for blending, using to make trees, grass, clouds, water and a whole host of things in landscapes and seascapes. What you need is a #3 and a #6 bristle fan brush to practice the exercises in the Free Water DVD and most any brand should do well for you. Darrell