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Wow, you didn’t mean to, but that paint, that wet, ugly paint just jumped up and soiled your clothes. Is there any possible way to remove I’ve tried everything from burning to using Oven-Off to using atomic debris remover.

But what I have heard that works (I’ve experienced it myself) is the following.

When you get home or after your work in the studio is complete, remove your freshly oil stained clothes, spray an oil and grease cleaner & remover (OxiClean was what we used) on them and lightly work the cleanser into the spot (s).

Then using OxiClean soap, immediately put the soiled clothes into your clothes washer. Results diminish rapidly if you do not clean until 8 or 12 hours later or more.

My wife & I love this tip.

After publishing the above tip, I received this note …

Question: Funny you should write about how to clean paint stains out of your clothes, Darrell. This has already happened to me. I had on a really nice Christmas green sweater and was moving my painting to another easel to dry and I got Titanium White mixed with a little Prussian Blue on the underneath of my sleeve. I didn’t know it right away either but the only thing I could think of to do was take a paper towel dipped in odorless thinner and soaked the area and rubbed, rubbed, rubbed. Immediately afterward I sprayed the area with Shout stain remover soaking it with it. I let it sit overnight and laundered it the next morning. My beautiful green sweater was restored and saved! While the thinner may be totally unsuitable for some clothing it worked great on my delicate sweater. Just wanted to share this with you and thank you for your wife’s thoughts on using the Oxy-clean.

Darrell’s Answer: Your quite welcomed. The main thing is acting right away when you’ve discovered paint on your clothing. Waiting or not inspecting your clothes at the end of a painting session allows the paint to dry rendering them virtually impossible to clean. This tip is for cleaning oil paints out of clothing. Anyone with experience removing acrylic paints from clothes? This past week, Darlene in Florida, shared with me that she uses alcohol to remove acrylic paints. What’s your secret?

Tower Betty said,

I have used the Pink Soap to remove oil paint from my clothes. I just rubbed it in and then I washed in the washer and it came out. Good luck.

Patty said,

I use Dawn’s Power Disolver to get the paint out of my clothes and it works great. Just spray it on and throw in the washer.

linda said,

The Dollar Store sells a spray called “Awesome”. It works fantastic for removing oil paint from your clothes. It is my main stain remover now.