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Dear Darrell,

In your flower series,does the canvas or canvas paper always have a coat of liquid clear or other medium applied first? Thanks. Pam H.

Pam, Great Question.

Yes, I’ve found that to be the best process for quickly painting the background. I put the medium on then build up the background with various colors.

Do note, that I always draw a circle or a rough sketch of where the major flowers are going before putting on any medium and when I’m applying medium, I do not put medium within this circled area or areas around the circle in which I’ll be putting leaves, greenery and other wiggly things.

I’ll often put medium into the foliage mix and work that into the dry areas surrounding the flower circles and blend those off into the background.


With these exceptions, I always put on the medium, paint the background, add folliage and then tackle the flowers.

Great question.