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I must get this question every day. We’ve written a lot about it, but just so that everyone has a clear set of notes of the exact procedure, I’m going to document it for us all.

Here’s how to use the Baby Oil

Pour oil into bucket 1” above a thinner screen (no thinner in bucket).

When you need to clean one of your large brushes, twirl the brush so the bristles are grating across the thinner screen. Every now and then press your brush out on the inside wall of the bucket. Look to make sure that the liquid being squeezed out of your brush does not have paint sentiments in it. If so, repeat process until the sediments are absent.

  1. Go to the beater rack and thoroughly beat your brush so that its nearly dry.
  2. Clean off with a soft absorbant paper towel
  3. Store your brush, or move to the next brush to be cleaned.
  4. When you go to use your brush again, you do not have to clean it in anything. Simply wipe with a soft paper towel.
  5. Your brushes stay soft….and clean.