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Sarah Price came over for a class Thursday and showed me a beautiful photo she had of a Bavarian Chapel nestled just below the Alps.

What really made the Chapel stand out was it big steeple in the valley just below the towering mountains of the Alps. The photo was taken on a sunny day and the sun was just bouncing light all over the snow covered mountains. Sarah had tried the painting a couple of times and wanted to know how to sparkle the sun across the tops and throughout the face of the mountain.

Panoramic View of Alps
Panoramic View of Alps

So I had Sarah cover her canvas with the sky color and then we proceeded to make mountains without concern for the ‘sparkling sun.’ The only difference, we used a misty gray color for highlighting the sun-lit side of the mountains. Next I made a mixture of Titantium White and a bit of yellow ochure to brighten up the sun.

sparkle Mtn 4

I placed the bright white right along the peaks and edges of the mountains with a palette knife. It’s very important to use an extremely light touch. And just glaze the bright paint across the surface with no pressure. Don’t overdo this step. You want just a little bit of sun catching the viewer’s eye here and there. It’s not the main attraction in this painting, the Bavarian Chapel will be.

Darrell's Painting of "Bavarian Church In The Alps"
Darrell’s Painting of “Bavarian Church In The Alps”

Once done, this is how my painting turned out and next week, we’ll add the highlights for the foothills and valley…… well as the chapel.

And Sarah did Super as well…….what do you think?

Sarah's Painting of "Bavarian Church In The Alps"
Sarah’s Painting of “Bavarian Church In The Alps”