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Darrell, am I able to let Baby oil sit and the sediments settle to the bottom of my storage container like I did with odorless thinner? Donna.

Donna, you certainly can.

I typically use a couple of methods for ‘settling’ sediments out of my Baby Oil. I’ll purchase a box of inexpensive mason jars and a couple of big buckets.

Each day when I finish oil painting, I’ll remove the plastic covered screen from the small cleaning coffee can bucket I have next to my painting station. I’ll wipe down the screen with a soft paper towel and set aside the screen.

I’ll remove the oil from the coffee can and pour it into one of the big buckets. It takes about 3-4 weeks to fill up one of those buckets. When the first bucket is about 75% full, I start filling the second bucket.

When the second bucket is full, I’ll pour off 90% of the top of the first bucket into a third bucket. I immediately transfer the contents of this third bucket into either the mason jars or empty plastic water bottles or milk bottles.

I continue this cycle and eventually I have enough baby oil recycling to meet my painting needs. Now and then you do have to add a little baby oil due to spillage or loss.

Be sure to keep your buckets covered. Dogs and other household pets will drink the baby oil. Baby oil is nothing more than that wonderful laxative, mineral oil.

You also could use any container other than mason jars that you’re happy with.