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Question: I use baby oil to help keep my bristles soft on my paint brushes. Is it necessary to run the brush through paint thinner prior to using them the next time I go to paint. A lot of times, my brushes are dry before using them. (in other words the baby oil is dry on the bristles). Is it still necessary to run the brush through the thinner prior to using my brushes?

Darrell’s Answer: If the brush is dry, then use it as is. If you find the baby oil is still in the brush, what I like to do is take a soft absorbent paper towel, like Viva, and dry my brush by scrubbing the brush into the paper towel. IF the brush is soaked and its a large brush like a 1″ or 2″ brush, I’ll first beat them in the brush beater rack. Then I’ll wipe dry the brushes using the paper towel to make sure I’ve gotten the final bit of baby oil out of it. I do not use thinner to clean my brushes anymore.