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Just What Is The Basic Techniques of Painting Series? What’s Included?

The Basic Techniques of Oil Painting is a library of 27 tw0-hour long video lessons that cover the core fundamental techniques of learning to paint landscapes and seascapes in oils, acrylics and water-mixable oils.  The student has the choice of concentrating on oils or acrylics or water-mixable oils.  The student can learn one, two or all three mediums. This entire series of art lessons was designed for the beginner.  The assumption made is that the student has no prior knowledge, no experience or talent in painting. Darrell starts each student at ground zero and takes them through the nine fundamental steps required to paint each aspect of the landscape or seascape.  Each student will be shown the supplies needed, how to prepare a canvas for painting, how to paint skies, clouds, hills and mountains, forests, lakes, rivers, streams, waterfalls, trees, grass, rocks, bushes, boulders, clifs, buildings and basic seascapes. The Basic Techniques of Painting includes the following Nine (9) core building blocks that show how to paint ….

  • Preparation
  • Skies & Clouds
  • Mountains, Cliffs & Hills
  • Water, Rivers, Lakes, Streams, Waterfalls, Seas
  • Trees, Trees, Trees
  • Grass & Bushes
  • Rocks & Boulders
  • Cabins & Buildings
  • Basic Seascapes

Furthermore Each of these 2-hour core building blocks are broken up into smaller lessons that enables any beginning student to comfortably study at their own speed. Darrell encourages each student to practice each lesson before moving to the next. Techniques are what’s taught in the Basic Techniques of Painting. To help each student master the techniques, The Basic Techniques of Oil Painting includes over 150 different Painting Projects. Painting projects are an entire painting that Darrell shows you how to paint, step-by-step, from the bare canvas to the finished masterpiece. Every brush stroke is recorded for you to study. These paintings were carefully chosen so the students can practice all of the techniques taught in the Basic Techniques of Painting. There really is no other art course on or off the internet.

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How Long Is Each Video Lesson?

On the average, each Basic Technique or Painting Project video is nearly 2 hours or 120 minutes long. Some a little less and others a little more.

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Why Are You So Confident I’ll Learn To Paint Landscapes & Seascapes From These Videos?

“Back in 1991, I was you. I knew without a doubt, I had no artistic abilities whatsoever. Nothing, nada, zilch. I couldn’t even draw stick people. If I was sure of anything in life, it was that I could not paint. I mean, come-on. Let’s get real. I could not, would not, nor would ever be able to do anything artistic. At birth, I’d been born with only the talent of screaming and eating. I know it sounds like I’m over stating the facts, but the truth is I knew nothing about art. I knew what I couldn’t do. So you don’t do what you knew you couldn’t do otherwise you’d do what you couldn’t, but since I knew, I didn’t even try. The man who broke through my wall of disbelief is Jessie Martin, an artist in East Freetown, MA. At a flea market, Jessie, personally spent 45 minutes talking me into just TRYING. I simply did not believe in myself. I knew that I couldn’t paint. I was rock solid in my disbelief. I had no faith in me. Oh, do I remember my disbelief. I’d seen that fuzzy headed guy on TV now and then. Although I knew he was talented, I didn’t believe him either when he said he could teach me to paint. One had to be born with talent to paint. Everyone knows that. But Jessie said something that day to me I’ve never forgotten. His words got through my thick-headed engineering mind. First thing he said was signing one’s name is an art form. We spend more time in school teaching people how to write than how to paint. And anybody with enough practice can sign their name. And that’s just like painting…..with practice, I I was told, I could paint. Well, I had no trouble signing my name. It wasn’t pretty, but it was unique and for most of my life I have able to sign my name anytime I wanted. My school teachers had taught me the fundamentals of the writing technique, I had practiced, and practiced until the art of signing my name was second nature. The second thing Jessie said that really hit me like a ton of bricks was that learning the fundamentals of oil painting was simply learning the techniques. He could teach me the techniques and all I had to do was simply practice, practice, practice. Well, I knew I could practice anything if “I understood mentally what I was doing”. Jessie made it clear he would help me to understand mentally the concept of each technique. It’s all history now, but let me tell you…..I sat down with Jessie, took a class with a lot of disbelief. But I walked away differently from that lesson. The difference, was that now I truly knew “I could paint”. I now had tons of faith in me. With practice, I turned technique into talent. Today, I’m so amazed by all the people who tell me how talented I am. I owe it all to Jessie’s comment, “Darrell, anyone can paint, even you. Learn the techniques. Practice them until they’re second nature and never quit practicing. When the techniques become second nature, than you’ll not believe how the world opens up to you. You will literally want to paint everything you see. You’ll look at the world with different eyes. You’ll be an artist.” Jessie was right. And that’s why I know without a doubt you can learn to paint. I can teach you the techniques and if you’re willing to practice, you’re not only going to become an artist, but a very talented artist.

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How Long Have You Been Teaching?

I began painting in 1992, and I started teaching a year later because of the many requests from people who saw my work…. but here’s how my story that began the journey of my learning to teach others to paint. Around 1985, after retirement, my father began painting with Acrylics. He lived in Arizona and I in Massachusetts. On occasion, he would send me a painting or pictures of his most recent works. They were nice, and over time his technique improved……..ever so gradual. Whereas he certainly enjoyed each painting he created, his work did anything but motivate me to paint.” “I loved his work because it was his (He was my Dad) and he was having such fun. But this didn’t appear very exciting to me. I didn’t have any desire to paint. Watching his struggles to master the techniques of his style only reinforced my attitude. In fact, I could sum up the entire art of painting in one word—-BORING. This changed in January, 1992 at a flea market just outside Taunton, MA of all places. As my wife and I walked up and down the aisles on that cold, January Saturday, we saw an excellent demonstration of the “Wet-On-Wet” oil painting technique by Jessie Martin. So on this fateful day I told this demonstrator and his sidekick, ‘Man, you’re crazy! Not anyone can do this. You must be an artist or been born with a great deal of talent. I was so convinced I could never paint that we spent 45 minutes arguing.  They argued anyone could learn to paint even I and they tried to get me to sign up for a $35.00 class.  I responded that this was the most ridiculous request since I absolutely, positively, without a doubt knew that I couldn’t paint and never, never, never, ever could be come an artist.   It took talent and I had none. “Finally Sid, the the sidekick, said, ‘Listen, the class is free. You don’t have to pay a penny. But if you want the painting you’ve done, it’ll cost you $35.00.’ That was fine. I could live with this proposal. So I sat down.

  1. I’d never painted before in my life.
  2. I can’t draw.  (still can’t)
  3. My idea of art was drawing stick men (poorly).
  4. I knew nothing about art and had zero talent.”
  5. In fact, I had absolutely no interest in painting. Painting was about as exciting as watching grass grow. PLEASE — What Was I Doing Here?

The class started and before long, I actually wanted to succeed. I wanted to be proven wrong. I wanted to believe that I could do it! I, a 43 year old bald guy that couldn’t paint, draw or had an ounce of artistic talent ever. I actually wanted to succeed! I wear hearing aids, so I listened real hard to each and every word the instructor uttered. He said to do something, I did it. Didn’t ask why, just did it. Absolute magic happened. I don’t know how, but the following 4 hours were the most delightful time I ever had. I totally forgot about everything else in the whole world and just concentrated on my little world on canvas. It was one of the most beautiful times I’d ever experienced. When the four hours were up, a masterpiece had replaced my blank canvas. Mind you, not just another painting, but an honest-to-goodness masterpiece that I had painted and proudly displayed to every living soul I know. I still have my masterpiece today and it proudly hangs prominently in my studio.” This is my first painting, “The Night Light” I took more classes from Jesse.  This was my first landscape which he called “Summer Grandeur”. My first seascape with a crashing wave. Here are some of my recent paintings As I mentioned above, other people encouraged me to teach. During my first year painting, the women’s group at my church, Community Church of West Medway, MA. held a Harvest Fair that October. I was asked to display my paintings, which I did. The response was great and when the fair was over, the leading ladies of the women’s group visited me at home. They wanted lessons. They wanted me to teach them.  And they would not take no for an answer.I agreed to teach, not knowing was embarking on a whole new career. So, if those same ladies visit you, be prepared for changes in your life.

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What If I’m Not Sure Your Instructions Will Work For Me?

We want you to be just as sure as you can be before you purchase the Basic Techniques of Painting. You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it to make sure you like the way vehicle handles.  In the same fashion, I want you to test drive our art instructional videos to make sure you like the way we perform. To be honest there’s a lot of junk and a lot of big, BIG claims out on the market these days.  We prefer that you incur no risk and provide you with information and experience you need in order to make an informed decision. So here’s what we’ve done…… On the top, left column of this Web Page you can access and test drive one of our 2-hour art instructional videos so you can see for yourself how I teach……and what you can learn  I have previews of all 9 core basic building blocks video lessons.  We also provide additional information on comprehensive videos (What will I learn?, Can I really do this? and What results can I expect) on the right column. Back on the left column under Demos, we go over our entire learning program that we call the Five Point Artist Cycle. No charge, no cost, no obligation. Just sit back and enjoy the test drive. I believe you’re going to be rather pleased with what you discover. AND We’ve also given you a 10 minute preview of each and every one of our videos in this series. You’ll see for yourself what each lesson will cover. We also want you to know what our students think of our lessons. Many students have provided written testimonials about their experiences with our video lessons. And we have video testimonials from others as well. Bar none…. Our art lessons are the best instructional video lessons on the market to teach beginners how to paint…… And a great refresher and reference libraries for seasoned artists. But then again, don’t make my word for it. Test drive our art instructional videos today for yourself.

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What Do You Mean You Guarantee Your Videos Will Work?

Very simply this…. We guarantee that you’ll be able to to learn to paint from our video lessons provided you follow our program of instruction. We guarantee that if you are having difficulties with any portion of our lessons, contact us by email or telephone and we’ll help you.  We may even send you additional written or video instructions. We also guarantee that we will help you personally in our own studios to rectify the problem you’re having.  You, of course, will be responsible for all of your travel and living expenses, but I will not charge you anything for my time   You will not be charged for any private one-on-one lessons to help you correct your problems.  These one-on-one lessons appointments do need to be arranged in advance. I guarantee that I will do everything in my power to help you learn to paint! All of this is fully explained in our purchase sales agreement.

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Your Basic Techniques of Painting Includes Traditional Oils, Acrylics & Water Mixables?

I discovered in my studies of painting that fundamentally the techniques used in traditional oils were transferrable to acrylics & water mixable oils.   There are differences in the use of medium, brushes used in some instances, paint consistences, and approaches to certain objects  But by and large the techniques were 70% identical  So I took the 9 core building blocks I used in traditional oil paintings and redid them for acrylics and then again for the water mixable oils.  These three groups form the cornerstone of my Basic Techniques of Painting. The Basic Techniques of Painting is one of the most unique learning experiences on the web anywhere. This set of art instructional videos is an on-line library of over 350 on-line videos teaching you the fundamentals of oil painting, acrylics and water-mixable oils. And we’re constantly adding new instructional films. This library of films teaches the student the fundamentals of painting…..:

  1. Landscapes
  2. Seascapes
  3. Tall Ships
  4. Flowers
  5. People
  6. Pop Art Portraits
  7. Pets
  8. Wildlife
  9. Color Mixing
  10. How To Paint From Photographs
  11. How to Teach Kids To Paint
  12. And over 150 painting projects to practice what you’ve learned.

All students are lifetime members of our ‘school’. Students can access these videos anytime of the day, from anywhere in the world wherever there’s internet service available. You can access with fixed environments, laptops or mobile devices. The tuition fee entitles only the owner access to our suite of lessons. Gift memberships are available.  But do remember that while you can watch the video lessons with anyone or as many as you’d like, It is not allowed for anyone to share their membership login information with anyone else.

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What’s The Value Of The Basic Techniques of Painting?

There are three primary values…. First and foremost: The quality of instructions. Since the Basic Techniques of Oil Painting series was released in 2004 (on VHS first, then DVD in 2006 and now on-line), Darrell has been applauded worldwide for simplifying the process of learning to paint. Darrell uses everyday language in explaining each and every step of painting. He demonstrates how to load the paints on his brush, how to use the brush and why he’s chosen any specific brush. There’s no technical or confusing jargon, just clear, concise, easy to understand instructions that walks the students step-by-step through each exercise or painting. There simply is no better instructor. Secondly: The breath of instruction. Not only does Darrell provide quality instruction, but he thoroughly covers the fundamental techniques you’ll most commonly use in painting landscapes and seascapes, For example, his series on the Basic Techniques of Oil Painting is over 20 hours. And over 18 hours of instruction for teaching the Basic Techniques of Acrylic Painting. Darrell has continued this level of simple, clear-to-understand teaching for additional painting lessons for wildlife, pets, tall ships, seascapes, pop-art animals, tall ships, flowers and so many other topics. And if you get stuck, or have questions you can email Darrell at darrellcrowstudios@gmail.com. And he’ll answer you. Darrell not only has put together a great set of art instructional videos, but he’s also making himself available to you by email or telephone.  If there’s anyway he can take your call he will. And if you have a technical question, you can contact the customer support manager, Joe, at (508) 530-1647. Darrell does not want anyone to blindly purchase his Basic Techniques of Painting videos, without being absolutely convinced that these lessons will indeed help them. He prefers that prospective students ‘test drive’ one of his videos to make sure they agree that his style of teaching and the topics he cover will help them to learn to paint. The third value: Pay once, watch forever. Technology has rapidly evolved to allow instructors and institutions to make quality education available on-line to students at a fraction of the cost compared to delivering physical products like books, DVDs and video tape. Darrell offers his art instructional membership program on a “Pay Once, Watch Forever Basis.” This means you’ll have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week access to all of the videos he’s ever made and all of the videos he’ll make in the future.  Let’s look at the individual lessons you’ll receive once you decide to acquire The Basic Techniques of Painting.

What’s Included In The Basic Techniques Of Painting Videos
Nearly 50 hours of comprehensive, step-by-step video instructions for beginners on the fundamentals of Painting. This includes the Basic Techniques of Oil Painting, the Basic Techniques of Acrylic Painting, and the Basic Techniques of Water Mixable Oil Painting.
Over one hundred painting project video lessons to help you re-enforce everything taught in the Basic Techniques of Painting. And from time to time we had add even more painting projects. Each are about 2-hours long and takes you through each painting, stroke by stroke from start to finish.
9 2-hour lessons on The Basic Techniques of Oil Painting
9 2-hour lessons on The Basic Techniques of Acrylic Painting
9 1/2-hour lessons on The Basic Techniques of Water Mixable Oils
12 2-hour lessons: Seascape Painting Techniques
14 2-hour lessons: Flower Painting Techniques
18 2-hour lessons: Tall Ships Painting Techniques
14 2-hour lessons: Wildlife Painting Techniques
12 2-hour lessons: Cats Painting Techniques >
4-hour lessons: Dogs Painting Techniques
1 2-hour lessons: Learn To Paint Pop Art Portraits
8 2-hour lessons: Learn To Teach Kids To Paint
8 2-hour lessons: Learn To Mix Colors
8 2-hour lessons: Learn To Paint People
An information-packed website, http://www.darrellcrow.com, that is full of over 1,000 Painting Tips, FAQ’s, videos, articles and newsletter
Free webisodes (short video lessons) that illustrates tips and secrets artist use in painting.
eMail Access for questions, concerns and issues.
Access to our beginners forum on Facebook and YouTube, where beginning artists just like you can exchange ideas, ask questions, submit photos for review …
Darrell’s personal guarantee that you will learn how to paint!

For the past ten years, I have successfully sold each of my technique series of Art video lessons for $99.95 each. As you see in the chart above we have 13 different Art Video Lesson series. The 13 series combined value is well over $1,200. Plus the over 100 Painting Projects have a combined value well over $3,695.00. This is not a fictional number that I just tagged to impress you. These are real numbers, and what I have been selling my lessons for nearly 20 years.  This is a real number, real value.

And now I can offer you all of these art video lessons for SUBSTANTIALLY LESS THAN $3,695.00.

How can I possibly do this?

Three Reasons

  1. Technology

  2. The world of the internet

  3. No staff requirements to make DVDs, fulfill orders, manage manufacturing or domestic and international shipping.

So you and I can realize the cost economy that technology is now providing with 21st Century Internet Services.

Instead of charging you $3,695, or even $1,500, or even $300, I’ve put together an unheard of program where you can begin today learning to paint for just a single payment of $197.

The full tuition fee for our entire 350 plus (each lesson approx. 2-hours long) is $197.00

Aaaah. I know the question you’re going to ask next. Just how much time does this tuition fee cover? A semester? Two? A year? How long?

Good question. And a very smart question.

Simple answer, though.

The rest of your life. This is a one-time, rest-of-your life tuition fee.

This means two important things for you .

First, you’ll never have to pay us one more penny for your art training. Ever.

Secondly, every new art video lesson we post onto our ‘school,’ you’ll have immediate, automatic access. And again, you’ll never pay us one more penny for your art training no matter how many new video art lessons we add to our ‘school’.

Earlier this week I posted a detailed art instructional video on how to paint a beautiful Beagle puppy. Within two days we started receiving questions and photos from excited students.

I’d like to be your art instructor. I know without a doubt that together, you will learn how to paint.

This is my invitation for you to take that one small step to becoming an artist. I know this without a doubt. Not too long ago, I was you. I took the step and became a student. I’ll take that step again with you.

Sign me up now for The Basic Techniques and I’ll pay the one time, lifetime fee of $197.00 now. After this I’ll have free, lifetime access to the Basic Techniques of Painting Buy Button

I In summary, the value of the Basic Techniques of Painting is simply:

  • Great Teaching
  • Learn to Paint with Oils, Acrylics, and/or Water Mixable Oils
  • Wide Choice of Topics For Students To Learn
  • Access to Darrell
  • Low Lifetime, One-time Tuition Fee of $197.00
  • A Low 12-Month Payment Plan Option
  • Pay Once, Watch forever. All of the over 350 2-hour art instructional videos we’ve already produced and all of the art instructional videos we’ll produce in the future.
  • And as important as all of these values, the single, most important value of this club is that you will learn to paint. Guaranteed.

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Can I have A Tour Of Everything You’re Offering With The Basic Techniques Of Painting?

Absolutely. We’ve put together a special film that takes you on a guided tour of our entire ‘school’ website.


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Can I Choose The Films I Want To Watch?

YES! YES! YES! There are no restrictions on what films you can watch. No restrictions on the number of times you can watch a film. Watch whatever you want, whenever you want, as many times as you want.

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What Kind Of Oil Painting Do You Cover?

We use traditional oils. We use the wet-on-wet style of oil painting that gives the student the choice of painting their masterpiece in multiple sessions, or how to complete an entire painting in a single session. We focus on the painting techniques for …

  • Landscapes
  • Seascapes
  • Tall Ships
  • Flowers
  • People
  • Animals
  • Color Mixing
  • Hoqw To Paint from Photos
  • How to Teach Children To Oil Paint
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    What Kind Of Acrylic Painting Do You Cover?

    We have a very unique style of acrylic painting that we teach. Our acrylic painting results are surprisingly similar to the results we achieve with oil paintings. Frequently students, customers and art enthusiasts cannot tell whether we used oil or acrylics to achieve our results. We teach you how to keep your acrylic paintings and paints wet throughout your painting session. You’ll learn how to blend, and all of the other things that have made traditional oils so popular for centuries. The beauty of oils is they dry slowly. The problem with oils is they dry slowly. Same with acrylics. Their advantage is acrylics dry quickly. Their disadvantage is they dry quickly. So we teach you how to keep your paintings and paints wet, and allow them to dry quickly when you’re ready. We teach you the acrylic techniques to paint …

  • Landscapes
  • Seascapes
  • Tall Ships
  • Flowers
  • Pop Art (portraits)
  • Color Mixing
  • How To Paint from Photos
  • How to Teach Children To Paint with Acrylics.  The style of painting we use is often called wet-on-wet, or wet-in-wet. However, we teach you not only how to paint an entire scene in one setting, but also how to paint portions of a painting, and constantly return until you’re satisfied with your painting.

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    Just What Is Water Miscible Oil Painting And How Does It Differ From Oils

    Water Mixable Oils are paints that have been modified during the manufacturing process to mix with water. Traditionally oil paint manufacturers have mixed paint pigments and a binder made from linseed oil. This binding oil (linseed oil) holds all of the paint pigments together. The oil paints can be thinned with thinner and chemical based mediums to apply to a canvas, mix with other colors and for the cleaning of brushes once the painting session has concluded. The same pigments are used in the manufacturer of water mixable oils (often called water miscible oils). But the linseed oil has been chemically altered to mix with water. The modified linseed oil is used as a medium for painting with water mixable oils. Medium allows paints to easily transfer from brush to canvas and to mix with other colors. The beauty is that brushes can be cleaned with water. No special thinners or solvents are required. This ‘green’ approach has water mixable paint manufacturers praising their water miscible oil paints as ideal for individuals living in small quarters, apartments or wherever there’s a concern about ventilation. The traditional oil paint, solvents and thinner smells are gone. Water Mixable oils are used exactly as we use either traditional oils or acrylics. In fact, if water mixable oils are the paints of your choice, or you’re migrating to them, you can mix them with up to 40% of either oils or acrylics. It’s really amazing what technology has been able to achieve with water mixable oils. Top of Page

  • What Is A Lifetime Membership?

    Your Lifetime Tuition to the Basic Techniques of Painting will last indefinitely. Once you’ve paid your tuitionf, than all films that have been produced by the Darrell Crow Studios and any videos that will ever be produced by the Darrell Crow Studios will be available to you without any further fees or charges. End of story. You can obtain a lifetime membership by paying a one time fee of $197.00. That’s our lifetime membership program. The on-line Basic Techniques of Painting are at http://www.YouCanPaintClub.com You Pay Once, You Watch Forever All of the art instructional videos we’ve ever done. All of the art instructional videos we’ll ever do.

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    As A Lifetime Member, Will I Ever Be Charged For Anything Again?

    You will never be charged a fee for your Tuition again. You will never be charged to view any art instructional video again. THERE WILL NEVER BE A CHARGE AGAIN TO BE A MEMBER OF DARRELL’S YOUCANPAINTCLUB.COM OR TO WATCH ANY VIDEO ON THIS ‘SCHOOL’.

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    How Will I Know What New Films Are Being Added To The Club?

    Whenever you log in to the YouCanPaintClub.com look for the “What’s New Section”. All new videos will be identified as they’re added to the club.

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    What If I Want To Learn Something That’s Not In The Club?

    Send an email to darrellcrowstudios@gmail.com with your request, along with your telephone number. Darrell may call you and discuss how he would approach your particular request. Or…. If Darrell feels quite a number of students are interested in this topic, he may well produce a video that will address your request for the benefit of the many.

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    Can I Lose My Lifetime Status In Any Way?

    There’s very little anyone can do that would jeopardize their STUDENT status. You may lose access to the on-line videos for a short period of time for planned upgrades, technical issues with our web servers or unexpected emergencies that affects the internet. These are only temporary loss and service will be restored as quick as we can. Any planned service downtime will be announced a week or more in advance so you can planing your learning curriculum. The only other way one can lose their membership status is through breach of contract. For example, sabotage, sharing your login information, non-payment of the tuition fees. So make sure you thoroughly review the terms and conditions of membership so that you do not inadvertently cause your membership to be revoked.

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    Can I Share My Membership Login With Friends?

    No. You may never share your login information with anyone else.  Our login software always checks the ip address to ensure compliance.  Anyone accessing the YouCanPaintClub.com must have their own membership. But everyone logging on to our service must have their own login account If you have a technical question or need technical assistance call the support line at (508) 530-1647

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