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Hi Darrell, Can I substitute black acrylic paint for Gesso? I want to paint the tulip picture but I want to sub acrylic paint for Gesso. Can I do that? Is the affect different? It looks like the gesso mixes with the oil paint for a very nice affect. I’m referring to the sky in the tulip picture. I love my flower DVD set. You make learning fun and easy to understand. Thank You so much.

Sarah Angulo

Hi Sarah, You certainly can substitute black acrylic for black gesso. This is true for oil painting or acrylic painting.

I think one of the main things I’d like to ensure you to understand is that the gesso does not mix with the oil paints. You must allow the gesso to dry thoroughly BEFORE painting over the canvas. Same with acrylic.

Think of the acrylic/gesso as an under painting or primer that must dry before you continue. Just like doing the walls at home. We first prime the walls with a coat of primer paint, than when dry, we paint our chosen color over the walls. I use Gesso as a primer to allow me to have the kind of underneath coating to help accentuate the colors I’m layering over the acrylic/gesso.

I’m glad you like the floral DVDs. They’re really quite popular.