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It all boils down to ‘Who’ should I invite to my annual Art Show?

The Paintings Are Ready.

The date for the art show established.

The Location for the art show is decided.

Who would be the most likely person to invite to my Art Show who would personify the ‘buyer’ in whom I’m seeking? Who would appreciate my art, have great joy in its acquisition and feel the price I seek to be a true bargain?

How do I find my Whos to invite?

This is the crux of why you’re having an in-home art show.


Not to show people what you’re doing.

Not to feed half the town.

Now to promote brand name recognition.

Plain and simple…..Money.

The ‘they’ have money and you have paintings and you’re simply trying to arrange the happy exchange.

Building your Art Show invitation list will form the foundation of your art career.

So roll up your sleeves and have a seat. Make sure you have pen and paper. Start writing down every single name of someone you believe will be interested in BUYING your paintings.

Aside from finishing your paintings, this is your most crucial task.

Examine every friend and family member
Church member
Club members
Business associates
Doctors and dentists
Lawyer, Real Estate and Insurance agents
Local gift shops and galleries
Whoever else you can think of.

Throughout the year always be collecting names of people who ‘buy art.’

Ask your friends, family members and business associates for names of individuals who would be interested in attending the event.

I don’t necessarily believe in renting a mailing list or doing mass media announcements or advertisement of your Art Show unless you’re really prepared for a lot of unknown people to show up at your home. If you are, consult with the Fine Art editor of your local newspaper for list and advertisement specials. They’ll often do a plug for you if you provide them with a PR release. Who knows, they might send a photographer to your show.

Even with a solid list of doctors, lawyers, other professionals, list of museum members, etc…. the big question will be will they come to your show. If they don’t know you, why will they come?

It might be best to have them on your quarterly newsletter mail list for a year prior to inviting them. Then they’ll know you and the odds they’ll come are increased in your favor.

You can hang signs in arts and craft stores, but I’m more inclined to believe you get the competition invited as opposed to money. That’s the question to always be asking about each list. Is this the competition or the money.

If you’re painting golf courses, then have the local golf store and golf restaurant/watering hole post an announcement that paintings of the local golf courses will be on display at your home, etc…

Go where your who’s hang-out.

Keep your list on-line. And record ever interaction you have with any specific individual including contact information, types of paintings they’re seeking, how many other art work they own, what they like to specialize in and sales, if any to them.

Now you’re ready to prepare the invitation……….