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Andrew writes …I’m in the midst of watching the Pirates Ahoy, Disk 1 video (on the YouCanPaintClub). I’ve gotten to the point where you (Darrell) have painted the black background, back of the ship (gold), sky/water base colour, clouds and first part of the water (day 1). In day 2, where you start to lay out the sails, you mention that the paint from yesterday is already completely dry. My question is, how did you get it too dry so fast? I’m predominantly an acrylic painter and have tried water mixable oils once. It took well over 2 weeks for my one small painting to dry (and it was a very “thin” painting). Although, I might have used too much linseed oil as a medium (maybe I shouldn’t have used any at all) – I was just experimenting. From what I understand, oil paints can take anywhere from a few days to weeks to dry. Did you do something differently or am I mistaken (wouldn’t be the first time 🙂 ), or is it the type of oil paint you used?

I would like to paint this painting and try it using the water mixable oils that I have, but I don’t want to wait weeks between your “sessions” of the movies for my paint to dry. Any pointers/help you could provide would be appreciated.

Hi Andrew and thank you for a great email.

We can’t wait for the to be fully back up and running. And we’ve got a new, modern, Grunge look coming for the site, very very soon.

I used an oil painting medium called Archival Lean Medium. It’s a very fast drying medium. Most of the time you’re paintings dry in one or two days. The more linseed oil used in a medium, the longer the painting takes to dry. A Fat medium is one that takes a very long time to dry.

If you’re using a major brand name oil painting medium, you may want to add just a drop (2 max) of Japan Dryer or Cobalt into 1/2 oz or less of this medium. Don’t use too much as it’ll yellow your colors.

Water Soluable paints dry very quickly. My experience if using a modified linseed oil based medium 2-3 days. (modified linseed oil means the linseed oil itself has been chemically moeified so that it will mix with water and water soluable oil paints)

Let me know if I can help you any more.


Dawn P writes …
It took me months to acquire just the basic colors of acrylics. I have chosen this medium since it does dry fast and I can correct my mistakes, but all I seen was the video for oil painting. Is this all you teach? Currently I am teaching myself, but prefer to learn by an online class since my multiple sclerosis has a mind of its own and I can’t always make it to a classroom environment. If I should happen to miss a class or two due to my illness will I always have the ability to learn at my own pace or will I lose the lesson for the day?

Dear Dawn,

I offer a full course teaching the fundamentals of painting with acrylics. You may choose to avail yourself of these video lessons either through on-line or with DVDs.

The Basic Techniques of Acrylic Painting is a set of 9 2-hour DVDs for a total of 18 hours of instructions.

The 9 2-hour length DVDs include:

Preparation for Painting With Acrylics.
How to Paint Skies & Clouds
How to Paint Mountains
How to Paint Water
How to Paint Trees
How to Paint Bushes and Grass
How to Paint Rocks and Boulders
How to Paint Cabins & Buildings
How to Paint Seascapes

We also offer several 2-hour long Painting Projects where we should you how to paint a landscape or seascape in acrylics from start to finish.

If you’d like to have the course on DVD, the price is $99.95 plus shipping & handling ($8.95 US, $19.95 International). This link will take you to the web page that shows you the DVDs and photos of the painting projects. With each order of the Acrylic Basic Technique Series, we’re shipping 3 Bonus DVD Painting Projects: Blue Romance, Horseridge Mountain and Cape Light …

If you’d like to learn from an on-line environment, our Club Membership is $19.95 a month and entitles you to watch any of our over 200 DVDs, anytime you want, as much as you’d like.
You can sign up for the Club Membership by going to

I hope this answers your question.

Please let me know what you’d like to do.


Patricia writes ….

I’m a little confused. I went to the site and it says no dvds are necessary…didn’t I just buy the dvds for learning to paint with acrylics? Maybe my anticipation is clouding my comprehension. Am I automatically a member of the club since I ordered the acrylic dvds?

Hi Patricia, They are actually two separate products. Our research shows that many students want to be able to choose any of our videos on any given day in an on-line environment. And when they’ve learned all they want, unsubscribe and go on. Other students prefer to make a small one time investment for a set DVD and have the disk physically close to them to play on TV or a DVD player. We’re offering our products to both markets and are currently preparing to offer our DVDs on mobile devices such as iTunes, Kindle, Nook and so forth. We want to make it easy for anyone who wants to learn to paint to have full access to our videos in any manner of delivery they choose.

Keep those questions coming.