Santa Claus Patterns And Photos

To use the following patterns:

  • Right click on the image to save to your computer.
  • import the image into your favorite layout tool like MS Publisher
    or photo editor
  • Resize the pattern to the size you’d like for your canvas
  • Print out the resized pattern
  • If your canvas size is greater than 8″x10″ you will need to tape
    together the printout using the ‘tick’ marks
  • Mask tape the pattern to your canvas
  • Place graphite or transfer paper between the canvas and the
    pattern ensuring graphite side is facing the canvas
  • Trace the drawing onto the canvas.

 Darrell's Three Faces of Santa 2010 Special

 Portrait Color Mixing  Paints Mixes  

1.  Titanium White

2.  Burnt Umber

3.  Burnt Sienna

4.  Raw Sienna

5.  Violet

6.  Orange

7.  Paynes Grey



















 Rose Blush Color

   1 part Burnt Sienna

   6 parts Orange


Dark Flesh Color

  1 part Rose Blush

  2 parts Raw Sienna


Light Flesh Color

  1 part Dark Flesh

  2 parts Titanium



Shadow Color

  4 parts Dark Flesh

  1 part Violet


Skin Highlight

  1 part Titanium


  Touch of Light Flesh


Burnt Umber


Paynes Gray


 This is all of the

pattern you need.

You can easily 

ssketch in the

beard for any size

canvas.  Trace

pattern onto canvass.

Add Beard.

   Final Santa Claus Pattern  
 Step 1   Step2   Step3   Step4
  Step5   Step6   Step7   Step8
  Step9   Step 10   Step 11   Step 12
  Step 13      




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