Who Are You? Where Do You Come From?

I recently received an email from a nice couple, Henry and Matilda, who said, “who are you? What compney? Where do you come from? Baby love you.”


So I wrote back and this is my answer …

Hi Henry and Matilda,

I don’t know if this will answer your questions or not, but let me know.

Who am I?

I am a self taught artist having started to learn to paint in the early, early 1990’s when I was in my young 40’s. I worked as a High-Technology marketing representative in those days and found that painting relaxed me quite a bit.
Then I started showing my work to friends and fellow church members.
Next thing I knew, everybody was asking me to teach them. I didn’t want to at first as I was just enjoying this relaxing hobby. Also, I’d only been painting for about six months and didn’t feel like I knew anything worth teaching anyone. But the requests kept coming in.
So I started teaching a weekly class out of my home.
That drove me to become better and better.
I even went through the Bob Ross Certification program for landscapes/seascapes, and then flower instructor certification course, and then the portrait instructor certification course.
Then I became a certified Alexander Art Instructor.
And I took classes from as many well known artists as I could including Daniel Green, Robert Warren, Joyce Ortner, , Gary and Kathwren Jenkins and a whole bunch of others. I have this constant desire to improve myself.
My students kept growing….and the number.
I found myself teaching over 30 classes a month.
Then 9/11 happened and I lost my day time job.
I spent two years trying to find another job. It didn’t happen.
My students said I was missing the tree right in front of me.
I should become a full time art instructor. Maybe even release a DVD or two on how to paint.
So I released my first DVD in 1993.
And it didn’t do much. In fact the first 12 DVDs, all combined, made me about $1.70 a day.
So I finally gott smart and asked my students what they wanted…… And they told me.
Then I produced the Basic Techniques of Oil Painting Series.
And it took off.
Big time.
Since then, I’ve produced over 200 DVDs including …..

  • The Basic Techniques of Oil Painting
  • Floral Techniques of Oil Painting
  • Seascape Techniques of Oil Painting
  • Wildlife Techniques of Oil Painting
  • Tallship Techniques of Oil Painting
  • Pop Art Techniaues of Oil Painting
  • Techniques of Oil Painting People
  • Basic Techniques of Acrylic Painting
  • Basic Techniques of Water Mixable Oil Painting
  • Learn To Teach Kids To Paint (Oil & Acrylics)
  • Learn To Paint From Photographs
  • Basic Techniques of Color Mixing
  • Over 75 Painting Projects illustrating the above techniques
And then,
I introduced the www.YouCanPaintClub.com whereby all of the above over 200 DVDs are made available for $197.00 on an on-line lifetime subscription service.
So my students have a choice of how they would like to watch the DVDs
1. Purchase the DVDs
2. Monthly on-line subscription service.
I try to help my students by providing unparalleled student support.
If they have a question, send me an email and I’ll answer it as quick as I can. So I think that these are some of the strengths I bring to new beginning students.

  1. My teaching. I explain everything is slow, clear, concise steps.that anyone, any age can follow. I have students from 8 years old to 98.
  2. My Techniques. I’ve broken down each of the subject matters above into logical, common sense series of instructions that makes sense to beginning students.
  3. My Money-Back Guarantee. Students tell me they couldn’t but help learn my techniques from these DVDs. So all my technique videos come with a guarantee that a student can learn to paint.
  4. Access to me. Send me a question and I’ll answer it. I’m truly about you learning to paint.
  5. Testimonials. My students have gladly shared with me how I’ve been able to help them. I’ve published many of them on my website so that prospective students have a better idea of how I can help them. And you.
  6. Support. We offer personal assistance, a free newsletter, and an unbeatable FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) where students can go on-line and search for answers to their questions. And you can search our over 4 years of articles on the newsletter to find even more information.
  7. Prices. We charge a reasonable price for our DVDs that any beginning student can afford.
So who am I…?
I like to think of me as someone who wants to help others learn to paint.
You asked where did I come from?
Well, I was born in Illinois, raised in the small towns of Vergennes and Murphysboro. As I grew older, Dad joined the military and so I ended up living in California, Oaklahoma, Missouri, Nevada and Germany. Then at 17 I graduated from High School and went to the University of Nevada, West Valley College in Campbell, CA and finally San Jose State University in San Jose, CA. My degrees are in Electronics and Journalism, and I have a minor in South American politics.
You asked me what company I represented?
No big company. Just me.
So I hope this answers your question.
And if there’s anything else I can do for you, just let me know.