Wet It Stretch It Let It Dry Then Paint It.

Rebecca Vazquez is one of the most delightful people I know and she’s shown me something rather unique. Now when we redid the Preparation Video for the Basic Techniques, one painting surface we didn’t even think about discussing was the Royal Palm Leaf.

In Rebecca’s own words ….

Hi Darrell;It was really lovely talking to you yesterday, SO, happy that you are doing well. As I told you, I need you. You are the best teacher I have ever had. But, then again everyone tells you the same. Good reason to stay well. Anyway, I wanted to show you two of my most resent works. I started painting on canvas, and then discovered something new. I am now working on the stem a the royal palm. I cut the leafy part of the stem off. Wet it, stretch it, and let it dry in the sun. Then I paint. After a few week, to let the oil paint dry, I seal the whole thing and it’s ready to show.These two works are “Hidden Falls” and “Paradise Lost”, they are about 26″ x 44″.

Hidden Falls        ParadiseLost

I sent you two so that you can tell me what you think of them. With your help I have been able to get to this point. Also with my brother helps me when he has time. He is the art director for 60mins, and is in New York. But those DVDs of yours were a God send. YOU, always have time http://mail.yimg.com/a/i/mesg/tsmileys2/01.gif.

Thank you again for being such a great teacher…

Take care of yourself, as well as your lovely family.

Thanks, looking forward to hearing from you. Rebecca Vazquez

Rebecca, these are magnificient and what a unique idea. What does everyone else think?