We’re Computer Challenged and Don’t Understand ‘video streaming’ or ‘video downloading’

Darrell, I think us computer challenged people don’t always understand the difference between streaming video and downloading it.

Patty, that is actually a great question.

Let me try to answer it.

Streaming Video is a term used to indicate that your computer acts just like a television receiver.

When television stations broadcast news events, movies, serials, anything, the video itself remains at the broadcast station. People receive the airwaves onto their antennaes and TVs somehow convert those signals into a picture we all enjoy.

Streaming is essentially the same thing. What happens is that on a server, whenever anyone clicks to ‘watch’ or ‘stream’ the movie, the image is broken down into computer bits and bytes and transferred over the internet to your computer. Like a television, your computer translates computer language into those pictures we all enjoy.

It’s easy, simple and ready to go….

Downloading means I actually move a copy of the movie to your computer. Whenever you play it, you’re playing from that copy that resides on your own computer.

What I have done is purchased all of the programs (computer software) that will allow the DVDs to be made available to you by streaming or by downloading.

The licensing software is set up to allow you unlimited access, or access limited by number of ‘plays’ or by time. I’ll soon be able to allow ‘previews’ of all of the films. But in the meantime, one step at a time.

The other thing, should you download the video, you will be able to ‘back-up’ the video to 3 other devices of your choice. You can not copy the video from a device or computer that was copied to. This protects my intellectual properties. But it also allows you the freedom of ‘backing up the videos onto mobile media players that are becoming increasingly popular.

The downloaded copies eliminate compatibility issues, sound issues and retains the high quality video image.

It is the wave of the future, and its the right time for us to gain exposure and determine how to incorporate new technologies as they rapidly become available.