Unique idea benefits community & sells art

After posting one of my frequent comments about sales, a student, Cathy Agnew, wrote a note on the yahoo group, LearnToPaintWithDarrellCrow@yahoogroups.com. I was so impressed with her comments that I’m reprinting them here for your inspiration.

Darrell, I read your blog on artists trying to sell their paintings and
I have to share my thoughts.
In our regional hospital the “Foundation” in charge of raising monies
has organized the following.
Any local artist can display their work on the main walls of the
hospital with the asking price of the painting displayed. When a
painting is sold then some of the proceeds go towards the foundation
for special equipment that the hospital needs. Paintings are being sold
from $75.00 to $700.00 and at my last count there were around 100
paintings on the walls. The community wins because they get to see
beautiful, local works of art instead of blank hospital walls, the
hospital wins with new equipment, and the artists win by selling their