This secret sells art all of the time

Barbara Writes, “This post also helped me see another side of selling. Selling verifies a persons ability to create art that is wanted and needed. It is saying others say you have arrived.”

I couldn’t disagree more with Barbara’s statement. Let me tell you why….

Selling is all about the ability to market, to sell and to close a deal.

A lot of very talented artists whose work is highly respected and would be well received in any circle or gallery remains in closets because the Artist doesn’t understand how to sell. They paint beautiful paintings and then they try to find customers.

As my pappy used to say, “This is bass-assward.”

He was a car salesman. Very successful one in Southern Illinois. Always told me, find out who wants to buy a car, and what kind of car they want and simply make it easy for them to buy it from you. Always get your unfair share of the market.

This isn’t just the secret for selling cars. Its the secret for selling all things.

I’m going to now reveal the greatest secret ever told on how to positively sell your paintings all of the time.

Find out WHO is looking for art to purchase?
Find out WHAT they are looking for.
Find out WHY they are looking for this art.
Find Out IF they’re willing to pay for this art and HOW much they’re willing to pay.

If you do the above, you’ll sell your art without a problem each time.

So to begin with focus on the who……….?

Who is right now looking to buy art.

Answer those questions above and go paint what they’re looking to buy. Then step back and let that prospect convince you to sell it to them.

You win or lose the sales battle for your paintings before you ever pick up a brush.

Why do I specialize in Tall Ships?

Because I know who buys them? I know where they hang out. I know what they want, how much they’re willing to pay. So I can make money with these paintings. Another who are all of the young men looking for a tall ship painting as decoration over their fireplaces. So I sell these paintings through fireplace organizations.

It should be easy to figure out to WHO to sell your pet portraits and portraits. Who will buy paintings of seascapes? Who will buy landscapes, who will buy paintings of golf paintings, etc…

Find your who. Your who will tell you what to sell them and for how much to sell the what to them.

Good comment Barb, but selling art is not about acceptance of your work. It’s about connecting with what your prospects want and are looking to buy.