She Has Sold Over 100 Paintings This Past Year.

I’ve just gotten off the telephone with Vicki Homan from Center Hall, Pennsylvania. She just loved the free internet art lessons we offer and just had to order the Basic Techniques of Oil Painting DVD set. During the order process Vicki shared with me that she’s sold over 100 paintings in her first year of oil painting out of her beauty salon.

Wow! How did Vicki sell all those paintings?

So I asked Vicki some questions and she was delighted to share with me and for this short article for ya’all.

Vicki’s secret is that she displays her paintings where there’s traffic. Right in her salon she has anywhere from 1-40 paintings hanging. Painting names and prices are listed. Most of her paintings are 11×14. She sells them for around $25-$40. The 16×20′s go for $50 or higher. Just yesterday she sold 4 paintings! Customers come in and will ask her about the paintings and so she tell’s them the story….. What the painting means, the local history, why she chose it, the atmosphere she created in the painting. Some customers just love the stories as much as the painting itself.

Vicki keeps an easel at the salon so that whenever there’s a lull, she can practice and produce a few more paintings. One lady has already purchased a half dozen of her paintings. So repeat customers are very important and they’re always looking for new scenes.

Thanks Vicki. We all will learn from you….