Carrots & Sticks Will Teach You The Basic Techniques of Painting People

I didn’t mind learning how to paint landscapes, seascapes, tall ships or even small animals.

In fact I rather enjoyed painting these subjects.

Then one day my instructor asked me why I didn’t include people in my paintings?

Uuuuh, Jessie. This is simple. They’re hard to do. The only people I can do is stick men.

Jessie replied that was all I needed. So for the next couple of lessons, we painted stick men. In fact, I learned so much about how to paint people from stickmen.

And just when I was an accomplished stick man artist, Jessie introduces me to ‘Carrot people’.

Stick men are all about getting the proportions correct for painting people.

Carrots are all about getting human movement correct for painting people.

You guessed it, I spent the next few lessons painting carrot people.

And today, adding a person to the painting is as easy as painting a tree or a rock.

In my Basic Techniques of Painting People Series we follow Jessie’s advice.

First I introduce you to how to paint stick men so you learn to get human proportions correct. Once you’ve mastered this, we launch into painting carrot peoples until all sorts of human positions and action are second nature to you. And finally I provide two, follow along lessons, where I show you stroke by stroke how to incorporate people into your paintings. The first is “Buddies” where a father and son are leaning on a fence and talking with each other. The second painting is of an Asian lady in traditional dress. Finally, In a Happy Day we look at how to paint a self-portrait of your image in a landscape painting.

I want the Basic Techniques of Oil Painting People.



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