Painting On Wood Surfaces

I’m not sure how you’re going to prepare your wood surface, but let me make some suggestions.

Typically one does the following.

  1. Sand wood.
  2. Stain wood.
  3. Sand Wood.
  4. Coat wood with clear protection. Either Poly…. Or Acrylic clear.

To add a painting onto the surface of your wood, alter the above process as follows:

  1. Sand wood.
  2. Stain wood.
  3. Let wood dry thoroughly
  4. Add medium white/clear …. Only over what’s to be painted.
  5. Paint your masterpiece right on the wood.
  6. Let dry thoroughly
  7. Let the painting dry for an additional week after you swear its already dry.
  8. Coat wood with clear protection.

Wood surface feels different from canvas so PLEASE practice on scrap before you do the real thing so you can make any adjustment in pressure, etc….

One could paint on the canvas paper in the manner I’ve previously mentioned and when the painting is dry, mount it on masonite or foam board, or whatever and then frame.Masonite is very popular with many fine artists. But it does require preparation.