2017 Art Classes By Darrell Crow At The Millville Senior Center, 40 Prospect St. Millville, MA (508) 883-3523 From 12:30-2:30 p.m.

 Classes are held on Mondays and all supplies are included for each class.  To enroll in any of the following classes, contact Jill at the Millville Senior Center.  Special Senior Rates apply.

JANUARY 23 & 30

 Bunny’s Lighthouse bunnys-lighthouse-w

FEBRUARY 20 & 27

Teton Winter 2

MARCH 20 & 27

Misty Forest 3

APRIL 17 & 24

Secluded Beach 4

MAY 15 & 22

Still Morning 5

JUNE 19 & 26

Golden Knoll  paint003

JULY 17 & 24

Ebb Tide 7


No Classes This Month  


Lake View 8

OCTOBER 16 & 23

Babbling Brook 9

NOVEMBER 20 & 27

Weathered Barn 10


No Classes This Month  



You Can Easily Book A Darrell Crow Studios Workshop In Your Area

Here’s How


Darrell Crow is available to teach classes in your studio or location of your choice. 

Darrell schedules workshops to promote his line of instructional art videos and the 

Besides excellent teaching and demonstration, students will be afforded ample opportunity to purchase these products.  This is the primary driving force by Darrell’s 2009 decision to provide quality instructions to his students at significantly reduced costs. 


You should plan on a 3 day workshop.  Students will complete one painting for each day of the workshop.

Hours typically run from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. with an hour for lunch.  Other hours are available.  Be sure to discuss any special requirements with Darrell

The best days for workshops have traditionally been Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

This letter, which is also on the site lists all dates in which a workshop has already been scheduled or the dates that are unavailable.


The number of students should be kept to a small number to ensure a lot of attention from Darrell.  Generally 12 students is ideal.  Darrell can accommodate up to 25 students without bringing in additional qualified instructors. 


You will need to select which of Darrell’s projects you would like to paint for each day. This includes all paintings on Darrell’s websites


It will be your responsibility to promote and sign up students to fill the classrooms. Darrell is quite experienced in promoting his classes and will share his knowledge with you and work with you to make sure the workshop is a success.

Darrell will make announcements on his newsletter and advise students in the general area of the class you will be hosting.


You will need to discuss what dates are best.  Please check with Darrell to see if his calendar will allow him to conduct workshops on those dates.

Enter your desired workshop dates here ____________________

Enter the agreed upon workshop dates here __________________

Enter the Workshop location here _______________________________________________________________


Darrell essentially conducts these workshops at very low costs to ensure the maximum number of students can attend each workshop.  Basically, you will need to cover his traveling expenses, the living expenses at the workshop and $400 a workshop day.

In general his fees are as follows for a 3-day workshop:

  • Airfare or estimated travel expenses.  It will be the responsibility of the host to purchase an electronic, round trip ticket for Darrell after all of the details of the workshop have been ironed out.
  • Hotel if necessary.  This fee must be received prior to Darrell’s Departure.  Darrell is happy to stay at any of the host-arranged accommodations.
  • Meals as necessary.
  • Rent-a-car if necessary.
  • Workshop Fee. This fee is $1,200 for a 3-day workshop.  $300 is due within 60 days of an agreement and $900 is due upon Darrell’s arrival.

Please Note:  Funds for the hotel/meals/auto rental must be received prior to Darrell’s departure from Massachusetts.  Many times, hosts have extra rooms and would prefer Darrell stay with them to save the costs for hotels/meals/auto rental.  Discuss this with Darrell.


The host may charge any fee desired for each student attending the workshop. 

One suggestion for establishing the student fee is to identify all of the expenses as noted above, divide by the number of student seats, and add on any additional expenses you incur in conducting the workshop, i.e. room rental.

  • Darrell’s fees:  $1,200
  • Airfare:              $  500
  • Accomodations, local transportation & all meals host provided.
  • Total Costs:     $1,700
  • 12 Students 3 days each = 36 seats
  • Minimum class fee = $48/student.

Darrell recently conducted a 3-day workshop in which he had 23 students for each of his classes for a total of 66 student seats.  The host set the price at $40.00 per student per class and easily met all of Darrell’s expenses and workshop fees (not to mention a nice profit for herself).


Darrell does not bring or supply art materials for students to the workshops.  They are responsible for bringing their own materials.  As a host, you may elect to supply material for either sale or use.  You may check his website for the supplies he typically uses and discuss with him the supply list for each painting selected for the workshop.


If you need to know anything else let us know.The first step is to identify paintings you’d like to do during the workshop and the dates you’d like for the workshop.You can call us at 508-966-2247 to reserve your workshop.