Making A Pattern From A Photo or Image

Often you’ll see me produce a drawing the size of my canvas derived from a photo I have.

The creation of this pattern is a very simple process, but there are certain things you will need:

  1. A Camera or Scanner or CamCorder
  2. A Camera requires a download utility for transferring a photo from the camera into the computer that typically comes with the camera at the time of purchase.
  3. A Camcorder transfers photos or video clips into the computer using the ‘Capture’ mode of your video editor.
  4. A Scanner requires scanning software to transfer an image into the computer.
  5. Camera/Scanners require a photo editor. Sometimes these are sold with the equipment. Very good commercial programs are available as well as freeware and shareware versions on the market.
  6. For Cameras and Scanners edit your photo until your happy with it and save the file as an 8×10″ or thereabout sized photos in jpg format.
  7. You will now need a publishing layout tool such as MS Publisher or Quark or your own personal favorite
  8. adjust the page setup properties so that the size of the paper equals the size of the canvas.
  9. Import or acquire, or open the photo. into the layout program you’re using.
  10. Resize the photo to the size of the canvas.
  11. Print out the document.
  12. Tape the various printed pages together with clear tape.
  13. I could consider the pattern completed at this time and simplymask tape the photo onto the canvas getting it into the right position. Then using graphite paper, tace the outlineand all desired lines onto the canvas.
  14. I could also take this one step further if I will be using this pattern in my classes.
  15. I’ll take tracing paper the size of my caanvas and place over the photograph. I’ll then trace the image outlineand all applicable internal lines.
  16. Take my tracing down to Staples orany print shop that can reproduce large copies and have them duplicate them for class use.