Installing My Paintings Onto Frames

One method of installing your painting into a frame can be done with a glue gun.

  1. Insert your finished painting into the frame and lay it flat, upside down on the table.
  2. Make sure the glue gun is hot and glue loaded.
  3. On both sides of each corner, put a Hershey kiss size glue bead.
  4. If your frame is large, feel free to add another 1″ bead on each side.
  5. The glue should be applied between the canvas side and the frame’s underside.

You can also install the painting into your frame using a staple gun, provided you have large enough staples and your stapler has sufficient power to drive the staple through canvas and wood. Many new inexpensive yet very powerful staplers are now appearing on the market.

If you’ll be changing paintings now and then in your frame, or you simply want a convenient method of installing frames onto paintings, use the “Clip”. This is available from most art and craft stores and catalog or web sites. Typical price is $1.00 for four clips and most paintings require only four clips.

If the clip is too large for the canvas, bend the clip in half using a pair of pliers.

  1. Insert the two sharp metal ages into the space between the painting and the frame.
  2. The sharp edges should be pointing toward the frame and the other end (rounded) should be facing toward the middle of the canvas.
  3. Stretch and bend the clip over the canvas support board until it is flush against the support board.
  4. The sharp metal edges will dig into the frame material and force the canvas into place.
  5. Install the four clips around the frame where they’ll not interfere with any hanging wires or appliances.

If it is difficult to bend the clip over, use a screwdriver to assist you. Clips typically come in two sizes, regular or mini. If you buy one that is larger than you need, simply use a pair of pliers to bend the clip in half.