I’m Wasting A Lot Of Paint …..?

Cathy Writes … How do I keep unused paint on my pallet good if I can’t finish a painting? It is hardening on me and I am wasting a lot of paint… : (

Hi Cathy, Great Question…..There are several things you can do…..

  1. IF you’re not finished with your painting and believe you’ll be back the next day, than cover the palette with Saran Wrap. Just peel it off when you’re ready to paint again.
  2. You could put a paper palette into a ‘sta-wet’ container (designed to keep acrylics wet overnight) when you paint and then when you’re done for the day, seal up the air tight container.
  3. IF you’re done with the painting and simply want to save your paints, put each color into a separate sandwich bag. Squeeze out all of the air and rubber band seal it good. You can even store the bags in the refrigerator until you’re ready to use. To use, simply poke a small hole into the bag and squeeze out the paint.