I’m Just Getting Mud When I Tap In Grass

Let’s review the basic steps for highlighting grass.I like using either the 1″ or the 2″ brush and believe the video shows both.

1. Take a clean brush.

2. Dunk about 1/4″ of the brush into medium white or medium clear

3. Go onto your palette and in a clean mixing area, tap down so that the excess medium is removed from the brush.

4. Move to an adjacent area, or into the yellows and load up your brush with paint. Add green, blues, blacks, reds, or whatever you’re using to the yellows to mix the paint to the desired grass color.

5. While mixing, be pulling your paint toward you (flat) with your brush until the edge is almost chiseled.

6. Now you’re ready for the final loading.

7. Slide your brush forward in the paint mix at a 45 degree angle so that a small bead of paint begins to form on your pallette. Then tap slightly at a 45 degree angle until the bead of paint is at least an 1/8″ thick.

8. Look at your brush. The top of the brush will have a similar bead of paint on it and when you turn the brush 180 degrees over, there will be no paint on it.

9. Now beaded paint side of the brush is on top.

10. Hold the brush at a 45 degree angle whereby your hand is below the bristles edge at a 45 degree angle.

11. Lightly tap onto the grass surface. The canvas will take the paint it wants and leave you the rest. Don’t hit the same spot more than once. Jump around if you like, but don’t hit the same spot again.

12. Rewatch the grass video and you’ll see what I just shared with you above.

Some of the common problems are:

1. Way too much medium on the canvas when it was initially prepped.

2. The dark underneath layer is not dark/green enough.

3. Not enough paint on the brush.

4. Too much medium on the brush

5. Pressure is too hard.

6. Brush held at the wrong angle.


is the last one. What happens is most grass work is done mid to lower on the canvas and people are standing above their canvas and its impossible to hold the brush correctly where your hand is below the brush bristles by 45 degrees when you’re standing above the canvas. So sit down, pull the easel to the edge of the table and lower that hand and you’ll be amazed at the results.

Suresh, good to talk with you again. It has been awhile.

How’s Texas these days?