I Really Want To Learn To Oil Paint. Can I Really Learn From Your DVD’s?

hi Darrell,Can I really learn from your videos? I bought a Bob Ross video and I am having a hard time. I also have been taking a Bob Ross class once a month, but the teacher is not that helpful, so I am not going back (I took 4 classes at $50 each)I understand that anyone should be able to paint this way. If I start a painting do I have to finish it in one sitting like the Ross? Are your DVDs step by step and slow? I really want to learn.

Thanks, Pam Ponville

Hi Pam,

First off, I’m so glad you found me. You’re the reason I’ve made over 100 DVDs, to help you learn to oil paint…..and yes you really can learn to paint.

Here’s what I offer to answer all of your questions below……

  1. Yes, you can learn how to oil paint.

  2. I go through everything in detail. Step-by-step-by-step.

  3. Bob has a 3-hour workshop video. I have a collection of 10 DVDs that shows you how to paint with 22 hours of instructions. I found Bob’s video to be helpful. I believe mine will teach you to oil paint.

  4. You can paint a complete painting in one sitting or in several painting sessions.

  5. You can ask me questions by email and you will be answered.

  6. You can send in your photos of paintings and you will have it reviewed and comments sent to you.

  7. There’s a learntopaintwithdarrellcrow@yahoogroups.com support group of over 500 students that will answer questions and provide feedback.

  8. I have an extensive newsletter with over 1000 articles in it to help you learn how to oil paint.

  9. I have an unconditional guarantee and you can paint. And if for any reason you’re dissatisfied with my DVDs, you have 30 days to return for a full refund.

  10. I offer over 110 DVDs averaging 2 hours in length that will take you through any subject you’d like to discover in art. And we’re constantly adding more. For example many of our Tall Ship DVDs are nearly 4-hours long. And we don’t skip steps, provide you landscape pictures or pretty animal shots while Darrell is painting. You see everything, stroke-by-stroke. From the beginning of the painting to the end of the painting. And Darrell has teamed up with industry renowned artist, Valerie Stewart, to bring you extraordinary instructions for portraits and pet portrait oil paintings.

No one in the industry is matching this support or even coming close to it.

I know you can learn to oil paint. It’s simply a matter of getting the right instructor. I’m here. I’m available and as I say in my videos, Yes, you can oil paint. I’m not just selling you a DVD, I’m selling you me.


Note: Bob Ross is the registered trademark of the Bob Ross Company.