You Can Thank Edgar Rice Burroughs For The Basic Techniques of Painting Wildlife

I was in the sixth or seventh grade when I discovered the writings of Edgar Rice Burroughs. I read every one of his books.

Before I was through the seventh grade.

I was insatiable.

I went on safari, swung through the jungle, traveled to the center of the Earth, and lived on Mars. In all of these exotic locations, animal life ran the rule. I was master of the lion and the saber tooth tiger. I rode elephants and monkeys did my bid.

I ruled.

And I’ve never been able to put away my infactuation with the mighty beast. As an artist, I created whole new worlds in which I journey with my winged and four footed friends.

This fascination with the animal kingdom drove me to create the Wildlife Techniques of Oil Painting Series.

I based my wildlife paintings on three critical elements.

First, I learned to take THE right photographs of my subjects.

Secondly, I learned how to study photos for details and compose a painting from multiple photos

Thirdly, I learned how to mix paints so I could get just the right colors to represent my wildlife, people, tall ships, landscapes, seascapes.  Whatever I chose to paint.

Lastly, I mastered a simple 4-step process that allows me to paint any wildlife, pet or tame-life subject.  It’s so simple anyone can do this.

Included with the Wildlife suite of art instructional videos are the following lessons …
j-eagle_portrait_w  j-Chimp  j-lioness j-elephants j-Giraffe2-w j-Gorilla j-Caught 2-w j-Penguins8x11j-The Grizzly 8x10-w j-wolf2-w j-Panda-w Swans-w j-Elephant j-Kangaroo02-w

YES! I want the Basic Techniques of Painting Wildlife.


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