In Under Two Hours You’ll Master Painting Pop Art!

Basic Techniques of Pop Art

The Darell Crow Studios has introduced a new Art Video Lesson that shows how to paint people, pets, wildlife from a photograph in a highly popular technique called Pop Art.

Sample Image  Sample Image  Sample Image

Available for immediate download, you will learn everything you need to know within just 2 short hours.

You’ll be able to produce great pop art.

I don’t know of any other painting technique in which one can spend only two hours watching a video lesson and walk away with fabulous, modern results.  And you will be able to paint again with the same techniques, whenever you like, with the same great results.  I’ll put a few buy buttons throughout this page so you don’t have to wonder how to purchase.

What Do You Receive With This Art Video Lesson?

You’re going to be absolutely blown away by how simple it is to create stunning pop art of your family members and friends, celebrities, anybody you’d like.

  • You’re going to learn to use two very critical functions within a photo editor that will essentially do most of the work for you.  (You can even use free on-line video editors)
  • You’re going to learn how to produce a pattern for any size canvas you desire.
  • You’re going to learn how to transfer this pattern to your canvas.
  • You’re going to learn about the four brushes you’ll need for painting and the one color you’ll need for super results.
  • You’re going to learn how to prepare your canvas
  • You’re going to learn how to paint your portrait, your pet, your wildlife, or just anything you’d like.
  • We’ll paint four examples from simple to complex projects.
  • You’re going to learn how to merge two photos together to create a pattern for complex photos.
  • You’re going to learn all of this within 2 short hours.
  • AND, this is the most important benefit of all……’ll be able to produce your own pop art at the conclusion of this video any time you’d like.

YES! I want the Basic Techniques of Painting Pop Art. DVD. $ 19.95

How Easy Is The Pop Art Technique To Learn?

How easily does this work and with what assurance do I have that you can paint pop art just by watching our video?

Well, let me show you some first time paintings of some students.

Sample Image  I have a minister student who asked not to be identified, but he was willing to show his first painting.   Now Brian has never painted anything in his life except the house and walls.  But I was at a coffee shop two weeks ago, and we kind of got into a conversation.  As always happens, when people ask me what I do for a living, I tell them in my bashful kind of way.  He was intrigued with the idea of pop art and this painting of Jesus is his first ever rendition.  Just from watching this video art lesson once.

Sample Image   Atif’s hero is non other than Albert Einstein.  So he spent some time researching for a photo he could use, we gave him the video and off he went.  The next day……the very next day, Atif brought this masterpiece to show me.  Comments anyone?  Great job Atif.  You’ve shown the power of watching this 2-hour art lesson.  There’s nothing more powerful than knowledge.  And knowledge is know how applied.  Anyone can do this.  Anyone can master the techniques of Pop Art within 2 hours.

Sample Image My daughter-in-law wants to really surprise my wife this Christmas.  She’s taken a photo of my wife and Sabrina, our granddaughter and painted a beautiful painting in Pop Art.  That will be her Christmas present to my wife.  I think it will be a great gift.

But what do you think?  Would a grandmother want a painting of herself with her grandaughter?  Well, we found out on Christmas Morning that it was a resounding YES!  Pop Art is indeed a great, great gift.  Its now a tradition at Christmas time that my young art students paint Pop Art gifts for their parents.   (……and parents can’t wait to see what their child will do ….)

But that brings up a very, very important point.  These paintings make great, great Christmas gifts.  And there’s more than enough time for you to take advantage of our special price, download the art lesson, and watch the video.  You’ll be painting up a bunch of gifts in no time.  Gifts that we craft ourselves are in such high, high demand by our loved ones.

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Sample Image  It gives me chills everytime I look at this painting.  I think of the speeches and the issues he had to face.  The split of the US could have actually destroyed the future of our country and prevented us becoming a major nation.  But this gracious man was able to plot a course to win a war and to turn the reunited nation into a healing nation.

Sample Image  We had our own 2-year march to the White House in which Barack Obama and John McCain expressed their political views and each we’re willing to tackle the job of reuniting our nation, healing it from the devastation of two wars and the financial shambles of our country’s economy.

Sample Image  President Obama won and I was so enthused with the hope he’s eluded for all American’s that I painted yet another masterpiece of him as the winner of our country’s leadership.  It really took me some time to find just the right painting that really screamed….”Yes we can.”  And he’s also from Illinois!

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Movies and Songs……We All Have Our Idols!

I’m a big movie buff and have quite a few actors and actresses I admire.  I’m sure many of you as well.

Sample Image  Sample Image  I grew up on Saturday television during the 50’s.  Up at 5 a.m. I would watch the Gene Autry Show, Sky King, Lassie, Black Beauty, Wild Bill Hickok and the Saturday Morning Matinee.  I didn’t just watch these shows, I became part of them.  I had my toy revolvers and rifle.  And a western hat.  Had a; quick bowl of cerel and my most favorite show was the matinee.  Especially when it starred John Wayne, The Duke.  I also like the Little Rascals and Shirley Temple movies, but the westerns were definitely my favorite.

Sample Image  Sample Image  Now I love listening to music and most of you know how much I admire Sadie.  I also admire Neil Diamond.  I was talking about Neal the otherand my grand daughter quickly informed me in no uncertain terms that her favorite singer was Hannah Montana.  Now I’ve never heard of this girl……  Now I have.  Sabrina has given me a thorough education…

Imagine being able to sit down with your own child or grandchild and painting for them a picture of their hero?  How much they’d thank you for that.  And you can always do an act of kindness for anyone by painting their hero.

YES! I want the Basic Techniques of Painting Pop Art. DVD Set. $ 9.95

You Can Paint Pop Art With A Simple 2-Hour Investment

Yes, you can.  I’m being absolutely honest with you.  You can do this…..all of the information is provided in this film.


Using Picasa 3 To Create A Template


Creating An Image on Canvas

Pop Art Examples 01-20

Pop Art Examples  21-40

Pop Art Examples 41-60

Pop Art Examples 61-80

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