Pet Portraits: It’s Not Just An Animal We’re Painting….

I was asked this morning….

Why Are you painting pets?

What makes pets so interesting?

Why would anyone want a painting of their pet?

Let me tell you two stories.

Deborah is a good friend.  Works in a dental office and twice a year she has the task to clean my teeth.

We talk each time.

In one visit I mentioned I was learning to paint pets.  I was also looking for volunteers to allow me to paint their pets.  Deb asked if I would paint her Sheltie.  Joy was getting up in years and wouldn’t be around much longer.  Deb and her husband didn’t have children and their pets (two Shelties) were essentially their children.

Deb talked profusely about how much Joy meant to her husband.

I agreed to paint a full body portrait Joy on a 24″ x 36″ canvas.

Two or three times, I brought the painting in to have Deb look over my progress and to ensure I was doing everything perfectly.

On her husband’s birthday I delivered Joy to her.  And that evening hubby was shocked.  Of all the things he expected for his birthday, a portrait of Joy didn’t enter his mind.  So pleased, he was.


I met Cherie well over three years ago and she’s been painting with me ever since.

Turns out she her childhood dog, Daytona, had long since past away.  But he’s a vivid, vibrant part of her childhood memories.

Her best friend.

Countless hours of fun.

Daytona-w  For two months I taught Cherie to paint a stunning pet portrait of her best friend.  Didn’t she do a great job?

What did Cherie and Deb have in common?

They had a special, wonderful relationship with their pets that is a unique and intimate part of their lives.  A relationship that endures beyond life itself.

You see, when we paint pets, we’re not just painting a domestic animal.  We’re painting a special relationship between two individuals, the pet and the pet’s caretaker.

When we paint our own pets, we remember all those special moments we have together.  And we continue to remember them each time we see the portrait.

They’re not just pet portraits.

It’s a living relationship that endures beyond life.

That’s why I created the Pet Portrait Series.

That’s why people want to have a portrait of their “friend.”

It’s love.

Its time.

Its memories.

And you can help many, many enjoy the relationships they have had (or still enjoying) with their own pets by offering to paint their pet portrait.

I am still amazed each time I give someone a pet portrait I’ve done for them.

I’ve prepared three distinct sets of Pet Portraits Video Art Lessons.

They include pet portrait lessons for Acrylics, Traditional Oils and Water Soluble Oils.

These are video art lessons you can acquire right now to kick off learning how to paint pet portraits.

I’ve taken my time in painting each of these lessons, thoroughly explaining my six step process.  And I take at least 30 minutes on each step in the process to ensure you have a full understanding of each step.

Anyone can do this.

Even if you’ve never painted before, you can do this.

I used inexpensive brushes, everyday paints and economy canvas to show you how anyone can absolutely, positively learn to paint pets.

Here’s what my lessons contain ….

1.  In most cases each video art lessons is 3+ hours long to make sure you have every step recorded.
2.  I show and explain how to use the reference materials, starting with making a pattern from your photo to using your photo to guide each step of the painting process.
3.  Each lesson contains the pattern for the pet and a reference photo to guide your work.
4.  Each painting step is thoroughly explained and illustrated.
5.  We show you how to review and critique your painting.
6.  We show you how to make corrections in the painting process.  I even made big errors and then show you how to spot the errors and fix them.
7.  And you can always send us questions via email.

The really, really good news is that the techniques deployed in all three mediums are identical.  The only difference is the use of mediums and cleaning the brushes when done.  So it doesn’t matter which set of video art lessons you purchase, you’ll essentially be learning to paint pet portraits in all three mediums.

But once you pick up that brush and dip it into paint, the techniques of painting for any of the mediums are I..D..E..N..T..I..C..A..L..  I even used the exact same set of inexpensive, synthetic brushes to paint all the pet portrait paintings.

You can paint all of these pets in any medium you desire:  oils, acrylics or water soluble oils.  Or learn to use them all.  We painted pet portraits in each medium so anyone could learn to master the medium of your choice

I’ll do whatever it takes to ensure you can learn to paint.

As Cherie once said, “it’s impossible not to learn how to paint with you as the instructor, Darrell.”

Here are the photos for each of the Pet Series and how you can acquire them right now….

The Basic Techniques of Oil Painting Pet Portraits:

Bandit-wp  Curious-w  Attitude-w j-LS156 SantaCar

Bandit                   Curious                  Attitude                    Santa Cat

YES! I want the The Basic Techniques of Oil Painting Pet Portraits. DVD Set: $99.95


The Basic Techniques of Acrylic Painting Pet Portraits:

Zaeta-w Tabby-w Dolly-w Blue Eyes-w

YES! I want the The Basic Techniques of Acrylic Painting Pet Portraits. DVD Set: $99.95

The Basic Techniques of Painting Pet Portraits With Water Mixable Oils:

Sparkles-w   Fancy-w Prince-wr Kitty-w

YES! I want the The Basic Techniques of Water Mixable Oil Painting Pet Portraits. DVD Set: $99.95

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