A Simplified Method of Painting From Photographs

LEARN TO PAINT FROM PHOTOGRAPHS is an exciting series of Video Art Lessons that will do two primary things for you.

  1. You will learn several techniques on how to take a photo (or elements within a photo) and paint them on your canvas.  You will be shown a simple grid technique for transferring photos directly to your canvas.
  2. You’ll learn to take the step from a Beginning Student to an Advanced Student.  The true sign of an aspiring artist is when you’re able to design your own paintings, original artwork.  For this, you need to develop three essential skills over Beginning students…….
    1. Design your own paintings,
    2. Become a master of color mixing,
    3. Thoroughly understand perspective and proportions.  This Series shows you how to take a camera and design your own painting.
  3.  You’ll learn how to paint a scene directly onto the canvas.
  4. You’ll learn how to exercise your own creative genius in designing paintings.  (Pyramids is the example)
  5. You’ll learn how to take one element in a photograph and turn it into a painting.  (Old Man In The Mountain is the example)
  6. You’ll learn how to photograph models and add them to your painting.  (Sisters painting is the example)
  7. You’ll learn how to take photographs for details and reference (USS Constitution is the example)
  8. You’ll learn how to paint flowers from photographs.  (Iris is the example)
  9. You’ll learn how to paint wildlife from photographs.  (Hippo is the example)

In addition there are two Video Art Lessons that are invaluable.

The first video lesson is Composing With A Camera.  This video explores the different options you have in designing your painting along with different examples of nearly a dozen designs employed daily by artists for their new creations.

The Second video lesson is a discussion (interview) by one of the country’s foremost consultant on the Use of the Digital Camera and how to select a camera and use it to take solid reference photos everytime.

All in all a powerful combinations of Video Art Lessons ready to take you to the next level in your art curriculum.

YES! I want the Basic Techniques of Painting From Photographs.


DVD’s $99.95 US