How to sell your art using eBay

How To Sell Your Art Using eBay

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by Steve Poppin

With the internet, you can now market your artwork to the entire world! In my opinion, eBay ranks as the best and easiest way to accomplish this goal. Look at some of these statistics:

Nearly 95 million eBay users spend approximately $894 per second.
Every day, more than 10 million bids are placed.
Every day more than 100,000 new people register to buy and sell on eBay.
At any given moment, eBay conducts approximately19 million auctions, divided into more than 45,000 different categories.

Certainly other auction sites exist where you can sell your art, but with statistics like these eBay captures a huge portion of the online marketplace.

Importantly, about 2 million new items are offered for sale every day on eBay. Many artists mistakenly assume that whatever price they set their auctions for, the piece will sell. However, many auctions close without sale. Let me share with you some simple tips on how to get started on eBay.

Begin by doing some preliminary research. Go to eBay and start shopping for items similar to yours. Look at the content of the page. Read the descriptions and note the ones that capture you. Compare the prices, especially for the items that people are bidding on.

One of my favorite research tools is This website tracks every auction on eBay. Once you put in the type of item, Andale will give you reports such as closing sales price, how many bids can be expected for that item, and even what day of the week that item sells the best on. For example, the price finder will guide you with the pricing of your item based upon historical data from eBay. Use this information to guide you in how long your auction will run, when to start, and how much to sell your item.

Use this data to price your item accurately! You don’t want to waste your money on listing fees for items that don’t sell. Likewise, if you fear that your item will sell for a price too low, you can always set a reserve price in which your item won’t be sold unless your price is met.

Another tip that makes eBay successful for me is selling pieces under the $100.00 price point. If your artwork commands a higher price point it may indeed sell. However, the higher ticketed items that sell on eBay usually do so for the well known artists that enjoy national reputations.

eBay works exceptionally well with lower priced items, especially those that other artists can incorporate into their work. For example, glass cabochons that can be used in jewelry or beads that can be made into necklaces.

To sell the higher price work, consider opening up an eBay store. This is very similar to having your own online gallery without the problems of hiring a webmaster or the maintenance involved.

The secret strategy behind making online auctions work well – capturing prospective customer’s email address and name. These people reached out to you once, letting you know that they are interested in your art. Owning their contact information allows you to market to them when you have a new or higher priced piece to offer.

Create a reason for someone to leave you their email address and name. A free gift offer is a simple solution. Develop a webpage around the free gift and attach this webpage to your eBay listing or eBay store.