How Do You Prepare Wood For An Oil Painting For Outside Display?

Hi Darrell: I have a wooden board that is previously varnished and want to use it for an outdoor name sign and I thought I would paint a picture of our lake scenery on it. After I sand it off, how would I prepare it for an oil painting to be used outdoors? Eileen.

Eileen, To prepare the wood I simply sanded it and then stained it the color I wanted.

After the wood surface is thoroughly dried, I paint on it using my normal oil paints and medium clear. Then let this thoroughly dry. When its dry all over, I then wait another week. If you’re using this as a sign and have words or letters to put on, do that at this time. Let everything dry for a week.
Now, spray coat the all of the exterior with an acrylic clear spray after it has thoroughly dried for a week. I’ll put an acrylic clear spray coat onto the wood surface twice a day for three days. This seals everything quite nicely.

When I owned a gallery in Newport, Rhode Island, I had a hanging wood sign that had a painting on each side, with the store name underneath. This was how I prepared the painting on the sign and it performed well for a good 2-3 years. In fact, I still have the sign and it looks great. Darrell