How Can I Quicken The Drying Time?

Hi Darrell. Big point of frustration. I don’t know if there’s any way to speed up the drying time. It’s taking 2 or 3 weeks for my paintings to dry. Is there anything I can add to my paints or Medium White to quicken the drying time? Bill.Hi Bill,

It all depends.

Generally there’s a way to speed up the drying time to just a couple of days. BUT ….

Let me break down your question a bit more.

There is nothing we add to paints that will speed up the drying time. It’s what we add to mediums that will speed up the drying time.

Now if you’re using the Bob Ross Brand of Liquid White, there’s really nothing you can do as Liquid White is designed to prolong the canvas staying wet.

Now, if you use regular oil painting mediums, or the mediums I’ve discussed and call Medium White or Medium Clear, than yes. By adding an eyedropper drop of either Japan Dryer or Cobalt per 1/3 ounce of medium, you’ll find that your paints will dry in one day, two days maximum. The price you pay for quick drying is that 50 years or so down the road, your painting could yellow and crack. Nothing is for free.