Home is where the art is sold

Back in the 70′s, for spare money, my wife and I would conduct Miracle Maid Cookware Dinner parties. That was my initiation into arts salesmanship!

A Miracle Maid Cookware Dinner Party was a network marketing organization in California that formed a framework whereby one could hold a dinner of close friends, demonstrate the product and conduct a follow-on sales call. The important part I learned is that if one has a social event complete with refreshments and prizes, folks will gladly attend, even when they know a strong sales presentation will be conducted.

One of the ways you may want to consider exposing your art, showing it, selling it and promoting your name in your own hometown is to conduct a ‘Home Showing.’ Simply write up an invitation and a press release. Send the release to your local newspapers, free gazettes and radio stations at least a month in advance. Provide a bio and a background piece with your press release. Send the invitation to your family members, friends, business associates and even church member associates. Encourage them to bring a guest.

Your paintings should be attractively displayed with the price clearly identified, medium used and size of painting as well as the painting’s name. Offer some refreshment and be ready to process credit cards, checks and cash. You may want to even consider. Have a time where everybody is together and offer anyone a ‘hostess’ present if they’d conduct a showing in their home. Be sure to schedule the hostess’ date prior to giving them the gift.
Make sure you have several original paintings ready to go so you’ll have a good selection for the home shoppers.

You’ll never know where your next party will be held, but the hostess will be an enthusiastic person wanting to help make you successful. Offer the hostess of the current party a gift whenever a new party is booked by a new hostess.

This process works very well. So if you’re just getting started your own business, what better place to start, than at home.

Remember: In order for art to be sold, it must be seen.