Gesso, Mediums & Acrylics — When To Use?

Good afternoon my instructor, Darrell

I would like to clarify the confusion of when to use the gesso, Medium white, Medium black and Medium clear, and is it necessary to use them depending on the painting subject? In the meantime are they necessary to be used with acrylic painting also? Nasser J.

Absolutely Not.

Whenever you use Gesso, let it dry completely before proceeding. Gesso is used just to either prime the canvas, or to give it color before proceeding.

 Medium White, black or clear, or name you color medium is put onto a dry surface to wet the canvas. This allows oil paints to flow from the brush to the canvas easily. When you apply paints, the medium color will cause the paints to blend either lighter or darker depending on the color used. Medium clear will have no affect since it has no color. This is mostly about the affect you’d like to have on the canvas.

Acrylic paints cannot use the same mediums as oil paints. You must use water or a medium especially made for acrylic. Manufacturers also make acrylic mediums that will "extend" the drying time of mediums so us artists can use them more like oils.

Different, they are.